Having worked with Social Media since its inception and gone on to forge a career guiding SMEs and Start-Ups in all areas from getting an idea to the market, business development, change process (I am a self confessed admin freak) and underpinning the whole process with IT, communications and marketing strategy, This Demanding Life was started in 2015.

Originally created as a blog site to accompany my regular job, I set up This Demanding Life as a place to write about both my family and professional lives, as well as sharing recipes and my love of cooking. After two years I took the plunge and incorporated This Demanding Life as a company, officially making it the day job. 

I am the busy Mum to two young boys and a slightly neurotic dog. Always hitting the ground running, often with the wrong contents for the situation in my handbag, I am freakishly organised when it comes to work and cannot boast the same organisational skills when it comes to packing school bags and remembering to bake for the termly cake sale.

This Demanding Life is built on the firm belief that creativity does not just happen during the hours of 9-5 and that if you want something done, ask a busy person. Therefore the team is comprised of people who have boundless energy, patience, enormous skills and the opportunity to work during the hours that they are most productive. 

What does a Social Media Consultant do?

In a nutshell, everything! To begin with I spend time with clients getting to know you and your brand. We discuss any goals/products that will come up within the next 12 months and put a plan of action in place to consolidate and promote the brand. Then comes the fun part – creating content. This will be a mixture of different types of media, usually encompassing videos, memes, infographics and in some cases, more complex presentations, slideshows and blogs or white papers.

I work on both, short and long term projects ranging from a one-off session to year long engagements and offer a complete package for Start-Ups and small businesses which includes a website, Social Media set up and 12 month digital marketing and media plan as well as extensive training.

All work is tailored to your exact needs so please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

How we can work together


I have experience in all areas of marketing including:

  • writing articles for magazines to creating magazines and annual newsletters
  • weekly e-shots & blog posts
  • creating advertising campaigns for the major social media channels
  • running ‘on the ground’ campaigns suited to local areas

Social Media

The most important part of Social Media is having a good strategy, focused on your prime audience and having the confidence and understanding to make Social Media work for you. I help people to recognise their target audience then create engaging content to start conversations with them and keep them on board.


For those who have completed my ‘from beginner to Social Media success’ course, they will know that having a strong Social Media presence is great but what’s even better is having a fully responsive website. I create custom build websites to your requirements to best showcase your product or service and help you rank in Google Searches.

Consultancy & Training

I offer both, 1-1 consultancy and larger, group training programmes. This can be in anything from Marketing Strategy and Business Development to tutorials on how to use software and social media effectively.