Launching Your Business Online

Whether you’re launching your business as a sideline to the day job or have handed in your notice and spent months researching, honing and building your business, at some point you need to make the online world aware of your presence. Here are some steps to help untangle the process. Website Many people leave websites [...]

Why Use WordPress and What are You Paying For?

WordPress was once considered to be the new kid on the block and was not completely trusted by ‘true’ coders who would build a website from the ground up. However, Wordpress has gone on to hold the lion’s share of the website market. As more and more programmes and plugins are built to be Wordpress [...]

Parenthood & Starting a New Business

Becoming a parent is a game changer in all areas of life. What once was a rewarding career is often viewed as a negative, stressful experience once there are the needs of small people to consider and that’s without considering the cost and hassle of childcare options. With the rise of the ‘power bloggers’ most [...]