My SuperMum Podcast Interview – Marriage; Should I Stay or Should I go?

'Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are'      Brené Brown Last month I interviewed with Lisa York for the SuperMum Podcast. It was a wonderful experience (my first podcast ever) where we spoke about solo parenting, co parenting, the role of technology in childrens' lives and the [...]

Flash Mobbing for #flexappeal

I have always been a big fan of Mother Pukka, ever since she burst into cyber space in all her lycra clad glory. She's an incredibly witty blogger and vlogger and even more importantly, last year she started the #flexappeal campaign. Flexible working rights should be available to all people, parents, carers, anybody. We should be able [...]

Recording for the SuperMum Podcast

This morning was completely different to others as I recorded an episode for the SuperMum Podcast. That's right! Me - on SuperMum! Lisa York was an amazing host and so easy to talk to. During the jam packed episode we spoke about: Solo parenting Living up to the traditional values of our parents generation whilst [...]