People often tell me how much they hate cooking. Whilst I can’t make you love cooking, I can help inspire you with (mostly) quick and easy recipes with enough variety to last week in, week out.

A good cook is only as good as their tools. Not everyone can afford the very best quality, please don’t feel you have to. You’ll find most recipes are open for substituting ingredients so you can end up with something that suits you and your budget, exactly.

Good luck and enjoy the recipes!

105, 2016

Sea Bass with roast new potatoes & caramelised vegetables

I can't claim to have completely thought of this one myself as it is based on a Jamie Oliver smoky cod recipe that came with one of the Hello Fresh boxes that Stu cooked a couple of weeks ago. It varies enough from the Jamie Oliver one that you can enjoy both on consecutive days. [...]

602, 2016

Mediterranean Vegetable Bake

Vegetable Bake is my favourite way to cook vegetables. It takes minimum preparation and is incredibly tasty. Because of the aubergines, it is very filling and can be eaten on its own or as a side dish to a main meal. For vegetarians you can serve with couscous or rice. Ingredients 2 tbsp Oil (I like [...]

2001, 2016

Free Download! – Meal Planning and Shopping List Template

I have 2 boys and 2 jobs and making the most of my time means having to be very organised. One of the ways I do this is to meal plan (and if you want to know why meal planning is a great idea, you can read my reasons here) Here is a This Demanding [...]

1601, 2016

Lemon and Thyme Slow Cooked Chicken

Lemon and Thyme chicken is a great alternative to a traditional roast. Other than thickening up the sauce, it is a no fuss, easy dish that can be served with all the roast dinner trimmings or with salad or stir fried vegetables and noodles. Ingredients 1 x small to medium chicken 2 x lemons 1 [...]

1501, 2016

Quick Couscous Lunch Dish

Couscous is one of my favourite go to meals for lunchtimes. The variety of ingredients you can use with it makes it truly versatile and caters to almost everybody's tastes. What's more, it takes a maximum of 10 minutes to prepare and you can put just about anything with it. You can have the couscous [...]

1401, 2016

Meal Planning – 6 Reasons To Start Today

Meal Planning is definitely something I should do more of. I'm lucky that my family will eat (almost) anything I put in front of them and therefore meal planning should be easy. This is the theory anyway, the reality is that I rarely make time to do this, instead having a vague idea of what [...]

1201, 2016

Ten Minute Tuna and Tomato Pasta

This tuna and tomato pasta really does only take 10 minutes when cooking on the hob.  You can also treat it as a bake by cooking the pasta for a minute or two less, mixing with the sauce, adding cheese on top (mozzarella or cheddar are perfect with this) and putting in the oven at 180°C [...]

401, 2016

Slow Cooker Hints and Tips

I have been promising a certain lovely lady for a while now, that I would pass on some slow cooking tips. Having bought a slow cooker on the basis of this post, how could I refuse a request to speak about slow cookers even more? Often what puts us off slow cooking is the trial and [...]

3012, 2015

Cottage Pie For Everyone

Cottage Pie is the winning dish in our household. I often make it when friends and family come to dinner as everyone declares it their favourite. This cottage pie recipe is dairy and gluten free so will be suitable for most people who have allergies/sensitivities to ingredients containing dairy or gluten. What makes this different [...]

212, 2015

5 minute, 5 a day pasta

  This recipe honestly does only take 5 minutes. It is quicker and cheaper than a ready meal and kids love it. What's more, you don't have to stick to the vegetables in the recipe, if there is something you/your child loves, then go ahead and throw it in! Ingredients Quick Cook Spaghetti Vegetable Stockpot [...]