A work-life balance is the holy grail for most parents and one of the foundations on which This Demanding Life was created.

When not working or actively parenting, I love to blog and here you’ll find everything from hotel and book reviews, to my latest thoughts on family life, the trials and tribulations of raising a child with severe allergies and all else in-between. Please do leave a comment on any posts that resonate with you or you’d like more information on. I love hearing from you!

2508, 2016

My Favourite Podcasts

I’ll admit it, I’m shockingly late to the podcast game. Scratch that - I was incredibly early to it, listening to the podcast Sophie Kinsella produced a couple of episodes of, back in the naughties. No-one else seemed to be producing anything interesting so I checked out.  Roll on 2016. I started working from home [...]

2505, 2016

Cocktail Masterclass

What do you get the children (adults) who need nothing at Christmas time? Mum's answer to this was a Cocktail Masterclass Gift Experience. Being no stranger to cocktails, my siblings and I (and our other halves) cheered when we unwrapped this one. The course had set dates and we all agreed on May 21st so [...]

2104, 2016

Things I would tell my younger self

I often have moments, flash backs of something that happened years ago or what I thought the future would be like. I'm lucky that I married someone I was at school with (although we weren't loves young dream, we got together when we were 26) and have lots of friends from my school days and [...]

3103, 2016

My Baby Products – Love it and Loathe it List

Today I found myself gathering up the pushchair, the highchair, the bedside cot and photographing them ready for selling sites. This isn’t because my (strong willed) 2 and a half year old has outgrown them, I bought everything to last until he was 4. It’s because he refuses to use them.  This got me to [...]

2003, 2016

Superhero Fit (for Kids)

Sunday morning - my turn to get up with the kids, usually followed by hours of Kindles, cartoons and bickering. Not this week! Following our session at last Saturday's Junior Bootcamp, I was delighted when the email from Our Parks dropped in my inbox advertising Sunday morning Superhero Fit. We had arranged to meet some friends [...]

1703, 2016

10 Signs that you are now a grown up

Remember thinking that you would remain youthful forever? Or even better - remember being so youthful that you didn't even realise that one day you would be a proper, bonafide grown up? I definitely feel as though adulthood snuck up on me. One minute I was young, trendy and giving lip to older people on [...]

1203, 2016

Saturday Morning Bootcamp for the Kids

Saturday mornings are more precious than any metal or gem in my house due to it being the one and only morning a week where Stu gets up with the kids and I get to lie in. Once I wake up, a long morning of languishing in bed, pecking at my laptop and watching Sky [...]

903, 2016

Warren House Hotel

Warren House, so named as it is a veritable rabbits warren to get around. This was initially running through my mind as we checked in and were shown to our room. For some, this is a wonderfully charming feature, that the whole hotel is in ‘the house’ so there are loft rooms and small staircases (although [...]

1602, 2016

Valentine’s Day – Parent Style

Stu and I were never really into the whole Valentine’s thing. He tried a couple of times; there would be a knock at the door and a cheesy Valentine’s gift delivered. This, of course, was usually ordered at midnight the night before when he became aware of the date and started to sweat over other [...]

1102, 2016

Parenting a child with allergies

Once upon a time, before having babies, I imagined what life with a baby would be like. I thought it wouldn’t be much different, there would just be this gorgeous bundle of half me and half Stu, who would be in the ultra stylish sling while we carried on with life.  Whilst in this early [...]

802, 2016

Things I wish I knew before having a baby

Having a baby is the most fundamentally life changing event. One of my best friends has just become a Mummy for the first time and it has hurtled me back down memory lane to when I first had children; what I thought it was going to be like and the reality of life with a [...]

2401, 2016

The 19 stages of getting a newborn to sleep

Welcome to the world of parenthood! You have spent the last nine months being woken through the night, either needing to pee, vomit or because baby is fidgeting around, trying to get comfortable. With all the sleep interruptions you know you’re well and truly ready for all the sleep deprivation and hard times that will [...]

1001, 2016

Friendship – How True Is It?

Does anyone else find friendship memes really passive aggressive? Hardly a day goes by when I don’t have a meme crop up on my newsfeed about how with a true friendship it doesn’t matter how long you go without speaking, it is still the same….. etc. What surprises me is how many people ‘like’ this crap that’s [...]

901, 2016

Killer Colada – Elizabeth Ashby and Sibel Hodge

This is the second book about Hope Foster in the Danger Cove series. I was very lucky to be asked to review it by Sibel Hodge, whom I chat to on Twitter, having discovered her (through her book, Fashion, Lies & Murder) when I first got my Kindle 4 years ago. I love Sibel's writing, [...]

801, 2016

Reasons You’ll Want to Keep at the Gym Well Past January

Like most people, come the first week of January I can be found at the gym, slogging away on a treadmill whilst watching the little TVs and cursing the Christmas overindulgence. Unlike many people, when February, then March and even September rolls round, I can still be found at the gym. Here are my reasons [...]

301, 2016

Baby Sleep Training in 54 Simple Steps

When pregnant you will read lots of websites telling you that a routine for your baby is a must. You vow to introduce a routine from day one..... until your little one arrives and you quickly realise that babies don't seem to acknowledge or appreciate such things as a routine; they tend to live in the 'now'. [...]

3112, 2015

New Year’s Eve – The Expectation vs The Reality

New Year's Eve, probably the most hyped up event in the social calendar. Where everybody is expected to be doing something that's fun, sophisticated and way cooler than everyone else. Unless you're a parent that is..... then you're not expected to be any of those things, no matter how hard you try to be considered [...]

2912, 2015

New Years Resolutions You Will Want To Keep

With a shiny New Year just a few days away, many of us will be reflecting on this year, what we did well, what didn’t go so well and what habits and ambitions we do and don’t want to take into the new year with us. With that in mind, here are the 13 New [...]

2412, 2015

Christmas Eve – The Expectation vs The Reality

Christmas Eve, the day before the big event, where the childless wind up work early and disappear to the pub, the parents of young children spend the day counting down the minutes until the children go to bed and everyone feels a touch of dread and a lot of excitement. With 1 day left to [...]

1912, 2015

You Definitely Know You Are A Parent When…..

The other night we had friends over, the kids were in bed and I popped upstairs to use the bathroom. Whilst doing so the door opened a crack and I found myself looking down the barrel of a (plastic) gun. The toddler was no longer in bed (too busy snipering his Mummy) and it made [...]

1712, 2015

Ho Ho Humbug… A complete guide to surviving the Holiday Season

It could be because I’m a child of the 80s and grew up with one parent droning on about Christmas in the post war era (yep, my Dad really is that old) or that Pinterest wasn’t around to make exhausted parents feel bad about themselves, but as I look around at the Christmas preparations going [...]

1112, 2015

Expecting a baby? The ultimate hospital bag list

When expecting our first baby I read all the parenting mags, 'what to expect' books etc and the one thing they had in common was utterly barmy lists for what you should pack in your hospital bag. My favourite item that was on all lists was 'take a photograph of someone special to inspire you to keep [...]

312, 2015

8 products for a sparkling clean house

I can be a bit of a product junkie, just check the cupboard under my sink. This is because I like things clean. Although, with 2 kids and a husband rampaging throughout the house, blink and it's filthy again. The one think that really irks me (other than the mess and boys' fascination with farts) [...]