Fay Wallis, Bright Sky HR

When I set up my own business I quickly realised that although I was confident in my ability to provide an excellent service to clients, I had no experience of promoting myself. The only social media platform I was very familiar with was LinkedIn and I realised that I needed help with getting to grips with social media, understanding which platforms I should be using and how I could use them to promote my services. Holly was an incredible support. After she designed and built my website for me, Holly created some tutorial videos so I could post blog updates and make changes to my website myself (something that was completely beyond me beforehand). I worked my way through her social media course. This course was fantastic, clearly and simply explaining why and how to use social media. Holly encouraged me to start blogging and posting information across several social media platforms, even sending me articles and memes if she thought they would be good for me to use. Holly was always on the end of the phone if I had a panic that I wasn’t getting the hang of it all, or if a blog post didn’t do as well as I had hoped. Initially I was terrified by the idea of making a video of myself speaking about my company but again, Holly’s unwavering support, combined with her calm and encouraging manner meant that before I knew it, we had made several short videos to promote my services. The videos had the highest engagement of anything I had posted, reaching more than 10 times my page audiences.  When I talk to my friends about my social media strategy and everything I’ve learnt in the space of a few short months they cannot believe the change in me and I’m regularly asked to teach what I’ve learnt to my friends who also have their own businesses.

Lisa York, The SuperMum Podcast

Having started a podcast recently, I knew social media needed to be an integral part of spreading the word and getting my message in front of my audience. Not being a huge social media user or fan, I knew I needed the help of a consultant. Enter Holly Christie. Despite living literally on opposite sides of the globe, I feel that Holly is right by my side, helping me on my way.  

Through the use of multi-media channels (Screencasting, video, audio and project management software) Holly has successfully navigated me through the (to me) uncertain waters of social media. She started with a thorough explanation of the various platforms and which would support my podcast best. From there we developed a plan and agreed on the mix of posts that would create the best engagement. It worked like a dream and my interactions have shot through the roof. 

What I like best is Holly’s regular Screencast ‘tours’ showing me behind the scenes of my very own platforms and describing how our posting strategies have performed in terms of level of engagement. This provides me with a solid, evidence-based foundation for future posts. 

With Holly’s expert help, not only have I gained more social media traction, and thus more listeners, she has made the process such a pleasure that her passion has rubbed off and I’ve started to become just a little bit of a social media addict too! 

I can’t thank you enough for all your help and I look forward to our continuing business relationship in the future.  

Kat Haagel, The Style Smith

I had a change of career and the website builder I had used previously was’t comfortable with the style of site I was after. In fact I was stuck on a holding page for over a year! 

Holly was from the very first conversation completely on board with what I wanted and understood the visions I had for my company image. Holly has been informative, helpful and always kept in contact throughout the process. Even when I have made a couple of wrong choices with regards to layouts and background colour she has indulged me and let me see that she was in fact right all along. 

I have learnt that when it comes to computer based layouts she knows exactly what is what. Her technical knowledge in relation to social media connectivity is reaching far beyond mine and I didn’t think I was that bad. 

I look forward to keep learning from Holly and engage more in the tools she eagerly provides all her clients with to reach out to a larger client base. I can’t recommend her enough!

Adam Gault, Adam Gault Photography

I have known and worked with Holly for many years. It has always been an absolute pleasure when we have worked together. She has a positive and open minded attitude to everything we have worked on whilst providing clear and decisive direction. She has great creative, practical and people skills no matter how challenging the situation and brings a calm and confident approach to the various challenges that we have faced together, always happy to jump in and get involved at any level.

Sanjeev Gupta, Strategic Discourse

Holly is one of the most professional and helpful people I know. She constantly provides a level of support and assistance well above and beyond. In all our dealings with her, my staff and I have found her to be honest, professional and exceptionally talented. Holly has worked closely with the team to understand our business and personal motivations, and has ensured that our new collateral will showcase our ethos at every stage.

Claire Blizard, MTM

Holly was an essential part of the MTM team at a time of great change. We needed someone with an external perspective and the requisite expertise to help inform and guide us to develop our internal visions for the company into a focused marketing plan. Her hands on approach was invaluable in terms of executing the plan and she is an never-ending “ideas factory” which helped us realise innovative yet sustainable growth. I would not hesitate to recommend Holly in the future and I am already looking forward to working with her again.