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Websites can be daunting. There are so many options, WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, Shopify…. Do you go with a prebuilt or custom theme? What’s the difference between them all? Sometimes it’s easier to go for the same set up as your friend who has a website. After all, it works for them so should work for you too. The thing is… you wouldn’t go to a party wearing the same outfit as the host. So why have a website like someone else’s?

Think of your website as your online home

Many people think of their website as a shopfront for their business. The problem with this way of thinking is you can get the same product at a multitude of different shops so if you’re looking to create a shopfront then you’re always going to be one of many. 

When you consider your website to be your online home you’re making it yours. After all, no-one can do you, better than you. 

Hi, I’m Holly!

Do you remember dial up internet? 

The frustration at waiting for a website to download pixel by pixel when all you wanted was the information so you can move on with your day. 

That wasn’t the only thing frustrating about websites. Well it was the 90s and most websites had a garish colour scheme, limited fonts and heaven help you if there were images on the page….. another loooong wait. 

Luckily for us, it’s no longer the 90s but sometimes you stumble across a website and think Eh? What? How come this website I’ve just landed on is making me feel like I’m in the past? 

You can relax, I don’t build websites like that

The websites I build are fast

They get you customers & sales

Search engines like them

They display well on all devices

Most of all, they reflect you

How I do this

I could watch your eyes glaze over as I explain the technical processes behind website design or development but where’s the joy in that? If you do want to know more about it head over to my learning lounge where you’ll find a wealth of ‘How To’ articles which explain website and brand development in detail.

As the only glazing I like is on cocktails I’ll tell you:

I get to know you

When you contact me, whether it’s by phone, Zoom or email, we’ll talk about you:

Who you are & what inspires you

Who your ideal client is & what inspires them

What you want your website to look like

What you want your website to do

How we’re going to achieve that

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WordPress is the number one platform for building a website. With over a million available plugins WordPress websites can grow with your business. Whether it’s adding an online shop, a blog, launching a course, hosting gated content or creating a membership site, no site is too big or too small for WordPress to handle.


Wanting to sell a physical product but worried you’re not technically literate enough to run an online shop? Looking for a one stop shop to fulfil demands, handle inventories and even have orders automatically fulfilled and shipped by suppliers? Shopify could be the perfect platform for you.

Custom Sites

You may want something a little out of the ordinary. Something built with a CMS you can easily adapt and understand. Or you may want to work on a different platform such as SquareSpace or Wix but need help with the design. We offer a custom design and build service giving you exactly what you ask for.

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What people are saying about working with me

“Holly was from the very first conversation completely on board with what I wanted and understood the visions I had for my company image.”

“Holly’s work on the website was exemplary. She understood the brief immediately and worked hard to deliver the incredible site we have today.”

“I have been so happy with all the work you have done. I absolutely love what you have done and feel really proud of how it all looks.

“Holly’s suggestions, guidance and direction have been insightful and perceptive and her desire to express our thoughts in this project has impressed us.”

“Holly took our vision and turned it into reality coming up with new ideas and solutions to how we wanted our website to come across. ”

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What you can expect when we work together

Every website I build is unique to the individual who has commissioned it.

All my websites are created from the ground up and I don’t use demos or pre-built pages when creating websites. In short this means that your website is as unique as your product and service.

When we agree to work together we spend time exploring your business and processes.

This is so I can build a site which has a stunning online presence and also has a management system to suit your needs. This can include invoicing software, stock taking systems, sales funnels, newsletter add-ons and online payment systems.

I like to keep you informed.

When we work together you can expect to know timescales for the design and build plus be kept up to date on a weekly basis of how your site is progressing.

Whether you’re working on your first ever website or are redesigning an existing site I have the experience to guide you through the many options available to make your website perform exactly how you want it to. I will support you in choosing the best applications to serve your administrative needs as well as creating designs which ensure an excellent user journey, encouraging your clients to engage with the content on your website.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. This doesn’t mean we can’t get talking about your website plans straight away, we can. It also gives you time to gather all the content you want to use on your website. 

Only my own! I can recommend some brilliant copywriters. If you’d like a recommendation drop me a line…

Yes. A great website is a synergy of good branding, copywriting, photography and design. I only work with people I have tried and tested and who I’m confident will help you achieve fantastic results. 

Usually from the start of the build it takes 6 weeks to get to first draft then a further 3 weeks to incorporate any changes and go live. For more information I can send you my Terms of Service. 

Websites are paid for in 2 stages: 50% deposit and 50% upon completion. If you’d prefer a payment plan get in touch. 

Amy Newlands. She’s amazing. You can find her here by clicking here.

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