Are you looking for a website with a difference? 

A website which brings in leads, generates sales and is fully aligned to your brand and your values.

Do you want to have a brilliant experience whilst creating it?

I’m Holly Christie, the founder of This Demanding Life and if these statements sound like you then read on…

Finding the right person to work with on your online presence can feel like a full time job and when you’re repeatedly told that WordPress is the answer and anyone can do it, how do you find the right person to work with?

After all, you don’t want ‘just anyone’ handling your online presence.

At This Demanding Life we’re not ‘just anyone’ and you aren’t either.

If you’re looking for a relationship based website experience then you’re in the right place. Each project taken on is treated as an extension of This Demanding Life, where your website is viewed and treated with the importance it deserves.

If this sounds like the experience you’re looking for, get in touch and let’s create online magic together.

Holly makes the process so easy, listened and took onboard all my ideas but also made suggestions that she felt would add value to the site. I couldn’t be happier with the end result! Helen Porter

How we can work together

Cartoon version of Holly in front of an iMac, with a pink background

Custom Built Websites

For growing businesses. When you’re ready to invest in a spectacular bespoke website which completely aligns with your business, inside and out. 

Websites for Start-Ups

When you’re in the first few years of your business and you’re looking for a stunning website which generates leads and makes sales at an affordable price. 

A cartoon version of Holly in a doctors coat, with a stethoscope

Website Clinic

Your website isn’t working properly and you’ve reached the end of the road with your skillset and you’re no longer in touch with the developer who built it. Or you’d just like to give it a health check.

Cartoon version of Holly, in a superhero cape and headband with a pink background.

Website Rescue

You have a website which is being hosted by another developer and they’re not allowing you access to edit it. Or you’re paying a fortune in hosting & maintenace fees.

Holly was from the very first conversation completely on board with what I wanted and understood the visions I had for my company image. Holly has been informative, helpful and always kept in contact throughout the process. Kat Haagel

Hi, I’m Holly

I’m a website designer and digital marketing strategist, Mum of 3 (including a toddler and a teenager – fun times!) and the keeper of 2 crazy, neurotic dogs – one’s crazy, the other’s neurotic.

I founded This Demanding Life in 2015 as a place where I could support people in launching their new business online. 

Starting a new business is tough, the tasks never seem to end. I’m betting at times you feel everything is just so demanding, you don’t have time to run your business and do all the digital marketing. I really do get what it’s like to wear all the hats and fulfil all the roles that come with getting started and growing a small business.

When you’re starting out or growing your business what you don’t need is a website designer who never comes back to you, who you always have to chase up or correct their work. No-one’s got time for that. My attention to detail is my superpower, alongside 20 years of marketing experience and almost a decade of building websites. 

I’m on a mission to launch your business into the online world with a stellar website and all the tools you need to get started. So if you’re ready to to be seen with a website which gets you leads and makes you sales, book a call with me (it’s free and there’s no obligation) and let’s get started.

Holly took our vision and turned it into reality coming up with new ideas and solutions to how we wanted our website to come across.  Adam Stannard

Want to see the websites?

  • Homepage of the Every Child Needs a Mentor website
  • Homepage of the Pretty Pink Flamingo Agency Website
  • Screenshot of the Antoine Jacques website
  • Screenshot of the Bonafide VS website
  • Homepage of the Spot and Pickle website
  • Screenshot of rugs for sale on the Trudie Oliver website
  • Screenshot from Helen Porter PA website
  • Home page of the Journey with Bola website
  • screenshot from Amy Newlands website
  • Homepage of 2Right Productions website

I have been so happy with all the work you have done. I absolutely love what you have done and feel really proud of how it all looks. Joel Sutton

What people are saying…

Holly has been professional, considerate, conscientious, exceptionally meticulous, innovative and passionate about our project. Holly has listened very well to our needs and aspirations to ensure that this was communicated through our latest website.

Holly has been impressive. We had to commission the right organisation to create the visuals to our vision, which Holly has executed with excellence. Holly’s suggestions, guidance and direction have been insightful and perceptive and her desire to express our thoughts in this project has impressed us. I wholeheartedly recommend first as a person as she is authentic and has great people skills and secondly as a fastidious practitioner.  I am confident Holly will add value to any website development project that she delivers.

Herman Stewart, Founder & CEO

From the outset of working with Holly I felt the connection and knew she would understand my business needs.

Holly has been professional, impressive and passionate about my brand and she has recently redesigned my site from scratch. No doubt she has added value to my website.

She is a brilliant listener and communicated all the information required in a timely manner. Holly kept my brand in mind throughout the project and her suggestions and guidance have been most valuable.

Her previous marketing skills have equipped her with excellence and Holly knew how to tailor my website to the right audience.

I genuinely recommend Holly as an expert in her field.

Bola Akande, Copywriter

My whole experience of working with Holly, to create my amazing website, has been a breeze. She is highly professional, very warm and supportive, incredibly creative and intuitive, skilled, and has superb attention to detail. Yes, I appreciate that attention to detail should be a “given”, but these days…not so! I rather think it is in Holly’s genes.

It has been an absolute joy from conception to delivery.

Holly is completely committed to making sure that you get exactly what you want.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Holly for website design and look forward to developing my business whilst Holly takes great care of my website.

Tracey Baxter, Copywriter & Coach