Random conversations can be the best

Don’t you just love it when you’re chatting nonsense to your friends? Sometimes I blame tiredness, sometimes I blame children addling my brain and this convo above from my friend is a mixture of both (and it being her birthday). Thing is, life is full of big conversations and small talk. My partner and I often have big conversations surrounding our children, their other parents, jobs, life plans etc. We also do the small talk… we’re out of bread, where shall we go this weekend? etc. What we’re not very good at is just chatting nonsense. I’m lucky in that I have a couple of friends with whom chatting nonsense is just what we do (I’m looking at you Miri and Justin) and it’s so much fun.

So don’t forget, we all need the big conversations in life and the smaller stuff to remember to buy bread but every now and then throw in a nonsense conversation and remember there’s always time for a little more enjoyment in the day.

Home cooking is very rewarding

I have always been a home cook – everything made from scratch and I (mostly) love cooking. This Demanding Life actually started life as a food blog where I could share recipes with my readers. However there have been a couple of times this week where it’s come to making dinner and I’ve thought ‘really? Do I have to? Can’t we just order in?’ A combination of not fancying anything on Deliveroo and timescales of waiting for the delivery sent me back to the kitchen on both occasions.

On Sunday I was reading a book (CLEAN if anyone’s interested – it’s a brilliant book) where they mentioned pizza. I looked to my partner and said ‘fancy homemade pizza for dinner?’ The answer was affirmative so I googled home made pizza dough (it’s so easy – try it) my partner suggested we used the left over (home made) puntenesca sauce from the last night’s pasta as a base and we were well away.

The result was awesome – home made veggie pizza with everything I like on it, cooked in 20 minutes and not a delivery driver in sight. So if you find yourself at a loose end over the next week – try making a home made pizza. Hopefully you won’t be disappointed.

Sometimes people don’t want to listen

We all have times when we don’t listen. When my oldest son is droning on about his achievements in Fortnite and what they mean, my eyes glaze over within seconds. What happens when someone purposefully isn’t getting the message?

It’s the eve of my little one’s birthday and my Mum has been asking what he’d like? I have no idea – like many second children he’s inherited pretty much everything from his big brother as his bro grew out of it so there’s very little to get him. At the same time I’m from a huge family so birthdays and Christmas can be a little crazy with what the kids get.

Last year my Mum became obsessed about getting swimming lessons for him. For his birthday. I explained that he didn’t want them and it’s almost impossible to get him to do what he doesn’t want to do. He has a will of iron and can be extremely uncooperative. For an entire year she has nagged on about the swimming lessons without listening to the fact he doesn’t want them (and has them at school). In April she asked what he wanted for his birthday? I suggested a football, she suggested swimming lessons. Same for May, Same for June, Same for July. This time I sent some links to toys in the hope it would put the swimming lessons conversation to bed. Nope my Mum sent a message saying that my auntie would buy the gifts in the links so she could get the swimming lessons. Hmmmm feels like stalemate – is she not listening to me or me not listening to her?

I’d be no-one without my besties

A few points up I say about how great random conversations full of nonsense are but where do you go when the conversation needs to be more focused? The queen of ‘I’ll drop everything and come and listen to you’ is my best friend, Laura. We’ve been in this friendship game for 20 years and not once has her support ever wavered.

Life’s complicated right? Add into that the dynamics of blending a family in its infancy, dealing with exs, the ‘interesting’ relationship I have with my parents, jobs, parenting my own children and it’s not surprising that some days it just all feels too much. Enter Laura. Who some days I refer to as my wife. Not surprising really as she pretty much knows my home as well as her own, treats my children with the same love and care as she does her own and always, always listens as my head unravels life’s most recent complications.

Laura definitely deserves her crown this week for coming over on a particularly fraught night and offering her objective point of view on the latest drama in our household. I’m lucky that Laura’s not the only girl in town offering fabulous advice and a well bent listening ear. My lovely Lekki may be thousands of miles apart and on another time zone but with Whatsapp, iMessage and the occasional FaceTime, we manage to catch up every day. Turns out other girls really are a girls best friend and female friendships make the world go round.

Almond Milk: Not that great

I stopped drinking cows milk after reading some (disgusting) facts about each pint being allowed to have a certain amount of bacteria and pus in it. Bleugh. My partner was already relatively low dairy and uses soya milk so I thought I’d give that a go. Yep, all worked, all good and slowly I phased out cows milk with the boys until we all had soya. To be honest, none of us really have that much milk in our diets so it wasn’t the wold’s biggest deal, I just didn’t want my coffee to have a side order of cow pus and bacteria in it.

Btw – I refuse to give up cheese so if you know any disgusting facts about cheese, please keep them to yourself.

In a rush in Aldi the other day, I reached for the soya milk as usual, dumped it in the trolley and went on to concentrate on removing all the illicit stuff the boys were piling into the trolley while my back was turned and stopping them from irritating their (poor) teacher, who had also chosen to go to Aldi that afternoon.

It was a couple of days later I thought I’m not really liking the taste of my coffee but can’t be bothered to do anything about. In my opinion that’s an open and shut case. I didn’t make the coffee (the long suffering other half did) and I couldn’t be bothered to get my own. Later that day he made tea (it’s official, he is the king of beverages in this house) and said ‘I’m not liking this Almond milk in tea’ that I realised I’d picked up the wrong stuff.

We did battle through with the whole litre of it – I’d paid for it after all and from now on I’ll be a lot more diligent when throwing things in the trolley.