A kicking playlist starts the day brilliantly

A friend, who has recently gone through a very similar experience to me, out of the blue, sent me a couple of Youtube links at 8am. This friend is not known as psychic but my goodness, those songs were needed right then!

The songs were completely different to what I normally listen to and they totally transformed my mood. Happily, these were sent through during the same week that my Happy Journal said make a change each day. I’ve been struggling with this one and changing the music I listen to during the day has been great as I can tend to get stuck in a rut with music and playlists.

Now whenever I wake up feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders, I go to those links and get ready to face the day. Try it for yourself, it really works and if you want any recommendations or random WhatsApps with YouTube links, message me. I’d love to help out.

Old friendships can be confusing

I went for lunch with an old school friend and over panini’s we discussed the usual; life, work, family and friendships. My friend said that it had taken her until the age of 37 to realise that the friendships forged at school, weren’t serving her and she wasn’t going to keep making an effort to see them.

This really hit home with me because I had been feeling the same, not with school friends but with an old friend whom I’ve known for 25 years. In short, life’s moved on, we’re not gelling and when we see each other it feels strained.

We often hang onto friendships because longevity is something we trust and the new is something to be wary of. This has left me very confused at times. Yes I have 25 years in the bank with this friend and it’s great to have someone who has known me for such a long time. On the other hand, do we struggle on through strained chats, and awkward meet ups purely to keep totting up the numbers on the clock?

Life’s busy enough as it is without punishing each other with awkward meet ups and strained conversations. With the wisdom that came via lunch with my friend the other day, I have decided to give my old friendship a break and call time on the meet ups for now. My friend and I have 25 years of memories and I don’t want to tarnish them with the recent awkwardness.

It will also leave more time for lovely lunches with my wise school friend (whom I’ve known for 24 years!)

Do not clip the dog at teatime

It’s been a long time since I last clipped a dog – approximately 5 years. Getting ready to go away seemed to creep up on us and I forgot to get the dog booked in with the groomer. Promising my sister that he would be groomed before she picked him up to stay with her, I figured I would clip him myself. I mean, how hard can it be? Turns out – flipping hard! Perhaps teatime wasn’t the place to start. With the boys bouncing off the walls from the McDonalds they’d been bribed with and bedtime looming I figured that clipping the dog would be quick and no problem at all.

Enter my partner after a long day at work, to chaos – kids jumping on the sofa, dog trembling on the floor, hair everywhere and me looking a bit lost in the middle of it. He immediately took over (thank goodness!) and Stitch was starting to look presentable. Until my partner had to go out, leaving a half clipped dog, a fog of stress and promises to resume in the morning.

The problem is that dog grooming takes for flipping ever. We had a meeting in the morning and a flight to catch. He spent another hour and a half clipping the dog and we had to hand him over to my sister with many apologies for the funny way he looked, explaining that it’s character building!

My partner has since made me vow to never, ever attempt clipping the dog again and to make sure of this has thrown my clippers firmly in the bin.

Not all your marketing is going to do well

Marketing can be a funny old business. There are tried and tested theories to engage your audience (just try the pain, agitate, solve theory on your website), which work to a certain extent but what about the day in, day out relentlessness of marketing via Social Media? There are lots of tools that can help and one of these is reading the insights of how well your content is doing. If you’re pushing the same posts day in and day out but your audience isn’t engaging, it may be worth scrapping it and coming up with something else to focus on that speaks to your audience. But give it a while, contact a couple of friends asking them to give the post a boost and if you’re still not getting new followers/sign ups etc then consider redefining who your audience is and tailoring your content towards them.

The problem with working in Social Media is immediacy. You can tell within a couple of hours if a post is performing/going to perform well and it can be disheartening if you’ve put your all into a blog post or spent hours editing images, only for your audience to not be that interested. There are anomalies throughout everyone’s days that affect whether they read or like a post or not and just because one post doesn’t perform well, doesn’t meant that your business isn’t going to do well. Don’t give up, try again next time.

Ryanair is a false economy

The last time I flew with Ryanair was in 2007. Other than being in the most cramped plane ever, the experience will always be remembered for us being grounded at Cork for 8 hours. They wouldn’t let anyone off the plane to make alternative arrangements and they ran out of very overpriced food after half an hour. It was hellish and I vowed never to fly with them again.

Just over 10 years later and after a lot of internet searching it turns out the only way to take the long suffering partner away for his birthday was if we flew with Ryanair, who were coming out a lot cheaper than all the other airlines.

Ok we had to go from Stanstead (Heathrow is 8 miles away, Stanstead is 53) but we could book car parking so all good. Then came the add-ons. I was expecting these so booked for us to be able to take hand baggage with us (seriously – you have to pay for that these days?) and a couple of other bits. Once the trip was imminent I went to check in and it turns out you’re not allowed to check in for free unless it’s 2 hours before the flight and you have to have printed boarding passes with you when you arrive. Logistically not possible. The cheapest seats are £8 per person, per flight. Oh and you still have to have printed boarding passes otherwise they charge you £55 per pass. Brilliant.

I guess we all learn from experience and following the terrible flying experience in 2007 and the crappy booking experience in 2018, I can safely say that this is the last time we’ll be flying with Ryanair.