Ed Sheeran is amazing

I couldn’t not start with this one as last Friday, 11 months after buying the tickets, we went to see Ed Sheeran at Wembley. I knew it was going to be good after all:

  1. I love him.
  2. I’ve seen some of his live gigs on tv and they look awesome.
  3. Other people who have seen him say he’s brilliant.

So with expectations as high as the clouds, at rush hour on Friday my (long suffering) partner and I jumped in the car to tackle the North Circular. I won’t discuss the journey, which should take less than an hour, or trying to find somewhere to park. All I’ll say is a mere 2 hours later, we made it, walking into the pitch just as Ed was walking on stage and well, we made up in the pub outside the concert so all good.

I’ve been to a lot of gigs in my time. My love of live music beginning aged 10 when my Dad took us to a New Kids On The Block concert and ever since then I was hooked. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go to NKOTB gigs anymore, some of the artists I’ve seen over the years have been incredible.

I didn’t really know what I was expecting when we went to see Ed Sheeran. In every Stadium gig I’ve been to the artist has always had a band accompanying them so to be one of 86,000 people at Wembley being entertained by just one (pretty cool) guy on stage, was a really unique experience.

Ed really did deliver – his energy, his enthusiasm, the way he connected to all members of the audience was awe inspiring and I cannot wait until I’m in the long, virtual line, once again, to get tickets the next time he’s in London. Maybe, just to make things a tad easier, we’ll get the train to the next gig.

Check your clothes before going to a (public) yoga class

I’ve never really done yoga. Other than the very occasional joining a friend with their free gym pass, it’s something that’s passed me by. Not because I don’t like it but the thought of juggling babysitters (most classes round here are in the evening) and the cost of it, have put me off.

My friend, Ashna, who is much more serene and organised than me is training to be a yoga teacher and asked me to be in her mock teaching exam last weekend. Of course, I was eager to help, but did have to confess (so I don’t make her look bad) that I have the balance of a three legged dog trying to jump over a moving cat. Recognising (possibly via my clumsiness) that this could be an issue, Ashna offered me some times to come to her house and have a go of yoga (plus a cup of tea, a chinwag and she always has the best biscuits).

Things were going well, I was learning to balance on one (very shaky) leg, without tumbling, bringing half her furniture with me and I felt prepared for being on display in her exam.

Sunday rolled around and I needed to find something suitable to wear, couldn’t wear joggers because they were filthy from cleaning the house the day before and my Star Wars vest top wasn’t going to cut it either. I couldn’t find any normal leggings so it was between wet look leggings and pleather trousers. I chose the leggings and a long vest top.

Thinking I vaguely looked the part I settled onto my mat and tried not to fall asleep during the meditation. All good. I didn’t fall over, only got cramp once and it was precisely a third of the way through the session that I realised I had a hole in the thigh of my high-fashion-not-made-for-yoga leggings. Brilliant. And there were people behind me getting to enjoy the view. What’s more is the yoga studio is in the same space as a car wash. It was a hot day and we had to have the doors open so we didn’t roast alive. Long story short(ish) as well as practising my balance, going to Ashna’s house periodically for biscuits yoga practice I will try to remember to buy some proper yoga pants before embarrassing her in her final exam next month.

Rebuilding my own website is harder than building sites for clients

This week I’ve had 2 new website requests which is always exciting as, when I’m talking to people in the initial consultation I can already picture in my mind what the website is going to look like and how I’ll achieve it.

It’s also exciting as it means I can procrastinate on the redesign of my own site just a little bit longer. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to do this but trying to find the perfect style, design and text to represent me is much harder than it is when I’m doing it for other people.

However, needs must, I have been busy wire framing and creating graphics and finally, S-L-O-W-L-Y writing text when there really wasn’t any opportunity to put it off for any longer. There’s still a long way to go but I finally feel like I’m making progress and looking forward to the eventual unveiling of the website. In the meantime, I may just line up a few more client websites to take the heat off my own!

It’s *that* time of year again

You’re probably thinking what on earth am I talking about? Summer? Late spring? End of term? Nope. Allergies. I am talking about allergies. As all who read this blog will probably know (and if not, where on earth have you been?) we live on riverside lands. Which is great as it’s, in my opinion, the most beautiful part of London, in a rustic – don’t need to use a station every day – kind of way. What’s no so great is with all the different wildlife, allergies are a very real thing in my house.

My youngest son has severe allergies which cause anaphylaxis (I’m looking at YOU – peanuts), he also has airborne allergies to we don’t know what, on the riverside lands. At a guess it’s things which are night flowering as he seems to be unaffected up until around 6pm. The other night the boys were playing football on the lands with the local kids. My friend and I were watching them and all seemed well. A little like we’d gone back in time and there were no iPads or methods of digital babysitting, just good old fashioned, knock for other kids, grab a ball and have a kick about.

At 7pm I brought the protesting kids into the house and started the tedious bath/story/bed routine. It was then that I realised that my mouth and nose were tingling. I ran through a mental list of everything I’d eaten that day to see what had caused it. Nothing unfamiliar or untrusted so deduced it must be an allergy to something on the lands. A quick look at the little one who had slitty eyes in a puffed up face, tingling lips and was sneezing, confirmed it. Great. Envisioning epi-pens, ambulances, having to activate the emergency plan of my elder son going to my friend’s while we were in hospital, was not great when it was already past bedtime. I gave us all a double dose of anti-histamine, crossed my fingers and said a quick prayer.

Not only did this deliver, the symptoms went away after a couple of hours, the emergency friends were undisturbed and my little one slept all the way through the night in his own bed for the first time ever. This is no mean feat when, at nearly 5 years old, he has trained himself to wake up multiple times a night and not re-settle until there is a parent in bed with him. It could be a coincidence that he’d had a double dose of anti-histamine before bed but really, with allergy season upon us the much needed anti-histamine is looking like a very good thing.

I seem to have become vegetarian

As a child/teenager I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with meat. I either loved it or disliked it. This continued into adulthood until everyone in my household evolved into big meat eaters. I didn’t think too much of it but at the beginning of last year, when it was just me and the boys at home, I noticed that I didn’t really bother cooking meat anymore.

I guess this intensified when I got together with the partner, who is vegetarian. It seemed easier to serve everyone just the one meal and recently I stopped buying meat altogether. I never classed myself as veggie though but recently have been thinking about it as I’ve noticed when I go out to eat, I almost always have the veggie option and am loving discovering all the different vegetarian options (beyond just cooking my own vegetables) when food shopping. I’m probably still a long way off from declaring myself completely veggie as you know, parma ham, steak, the occasional McDonalds, but for the first time in my life it’s not beyond the realms of possibility.