Nits are disgusting

How I have managed to avoid nits in 8 and a half years of parenting I will never know. The four year old put paid to that this week. Having declared himself too itchy to finish his dinner, it was with some trepidation that I checked his head and, OMG – if you’re reading this during lunch, you may want to put it down.

I won’t go into details but wow! Nits really are disgusting little critters. There were five of us in the house that night so I had the joy of combing through five heads of hair. Luckily the infestation was contained to the smallest member of our tribe and having hot washed just about every fabric item in our house, hopefully the nits will be gone for good. Or at least after the follow up treatment next Tuesday.

Mornings are my best time of day

My siblings who grew up with me will probably disagree with this but I promise, things have changed. Now that I am in my *ahem* mid 30s, I like getting up early and feeling that I can take on the world. This week at 7am I left the kids and my partner (who is not so good in the mornings) at the breakfast table while I took Stitch for a walk. I’m not going to pretend it wasn’t cold or that I didn’t wonder what the hell was I doing? several times. However, a few minutes into our riverside lands walk and there was a beautiful sunrise, the birds swooping and Stitch having a great time. It certainly set me up for the day and I may even start setting my alarm 15 minutes earlier so Stitch and I can go walking more often.

Have a Toy Amnesty

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I always believed in the expression until Inset day on Monday when I trapped the boys in the house and insisted we went through all their toys and cleared out the broken/unplayed with ones. Traumatising is the only way I can describe the experience. We went through 8 Kallax boxes and at the end of the sort out they declared they could only part with 2 objects. Luckily it was bin day so when they weren’t looking I emptied a whole box into the bin and hope they don’t remember or ask for any of the contents. Thank goodness that’s over and we won’t have to revisit the boxes for a very long time. Either that or the next time I sort through the toys I’ll wait until a weekend when they’re at their dad’s.

Be clear in what you’re offering

This week I spoke to a lovely lady who was taking the plunge and setting up on her own. Could I give her some advice as she stepped into the sometimes terrifying world of freelance consultancy.  Of course I could, having done it myself and helped countless others to do it too. Working for yourself is great but with most of us having an enormous skill set, it can be difficult to figure out what we want to offer, what our clients want and what we’re best at. When I first set up as a consultant I wanted to be all things to all people. However my customers didn’t want that, they wanted a very specific skill set and when I ditched change process management and only focused on online marketing support I found I gelled a lot more with the people I work with and my client list doubled.

Always check your bill

Seems obvious right? We’re all taught to check that we’re charged the right amount, this is particularly pertinent when eating out and in large groups. When Dad had 5 children across 2 marriages I think he was envisioning sweet babies (ha! my sisters were teenagers when I came along so probably shattered this illusion), and not giving a thought to the future when we’d all rock up to celebrate birthdays with our partners, a lot of noise and overtake most restaurants (seriously on my sister’s birthday there were 25 of us and that wasn’t even the extended family). On Wednesday we went out for my lovely Step-Mum’s birthday (I am forbidden from revealing her age so don’t ask), my siblings and our partners. The service was cripplingly slow and when the bill was eventually brought to the table 2 of my sisters brought out their calculators and started working out the figures. When the waiter realised what we were doing he scuttled over with a new bill, apologising that extra coffees had been added to our bill. Then we checked again and had a few more items that we didn’t have, taken off. Eventually they agreed to wipe the service charge as it had taken them nearly 2 hours to serve one course of food. The result – £45 saved. In the last restaurant over £60 had been added to the bill. I won’t name and shame the restaurant but if you’re eating out in Banstead, feel free to DM me. For those who don’t know where Banstead is, neither did I until almost all my family upped sticks and moved there. It’s a nice place, I recommend it.