Yoga is emotional

The last time I did a yoga class was at the gym. There were 20 of us and it was definitely not a spiritual experience. Just 17 other women and 2 men in a stifling hot room being vaguely guided in stretching. Oh and it was 2006.

My partner and my best friend are both very experienced at yoga and practise regularly. Last weekend we headed over to the bestie’s, who is training to be a yoga instructor, for a session. This was definitely not the same as that experience 12 years ago. Something about being in my friend’s warm house on a rainy day with my two favourite people (barring the kids of course), the relaxed atmosphere and the intense workout (for someone completely unused to working out) and very quickly I was feeling emotional.

By the end of the session, I was openly crying and wondering what the hell had just happened? I had heard that yoga can be a very emotional experience and this was my first real experience of it. I’ll definitely be darkening the bestie’s doorstep again in the hope of more sessions, I’ll try to remember to pack the tissues alongside my yoga mat.

Journaling keeps me sane

I’m a sporadic blogger (at best) but have never been a journal-er. After over a year of following Fearne Cotton on Instagram and buying her book ‘Happy’ for my sister (having flicked through it quickly myself), I was inspired by her ‘Happy Journal’ and asked my partner for it for Christmas. When it arrived I felt a little intimidated by it, the thought of committing to writing something about me every day for a year seemed like a mammoth task and I spent the week between Christmas and New Year eyeing the journal warily.

What quickly became apparent was that this is no ordinary journal. Each day there is a guide of what to write or think about writing or you can just scrap that and write whatever you like. The pages are different colours for each month and there are some inspirational quotes thrown in, just as the month feels like it’s getting tough. It may have only been just over a month but I keep picking up the journal and feeling so proud of following through and writing in it every day. It has also been great to look back over the last month and see how much has developed in a short space of time. I’m looking forward to the sense of achievement I’ll feel at the end of a year of journalling.

Updates are for a reason

There have been a lot of updates lately. I build websites in WordPress, which seems to have spent the last few months rolling out update after update and then the templates and plugins all need updating too. This can be a minefield for people with limited technical experience who are running their own websites. It’s also a nightmare for more experienced techies and most days I say a prayer of thanks for the lovely Stu joining the This Demanding Life chaos, bringing his amazing technical skill and calm manner to coding crises.

Updates don’t just affect websites though – smartphones, tablets and programmes and apps on personal computers are all affected too. For weeks I noticed that links in Mac Mail weren’t opening, Chrome would open but the link wouldn’t be there. Originally I thought it was just one of those random things that would sort itself out but a quick google search revealed that chrome had an update (that helpfully, it hadn’t told anyone about), a few clicks later and the issue was resolved.

Multitasking slows me down

I come from a family of multitaskers and in my 20s I could definitely hold my own in the multitasking stakes. In my 30s I am definitely not as good. This really came to light last week when due to a combination of having all 3 children with us during the week, my partner on early shifts and the whole house up at 6am (ouch!) a lot of multitasking was required to get 3 children and the dog out the door and in their respective schools (not the dog, he was just along for the ride).

Whilst lunches got made, shirts were ironed, teeth cleaned and children dropped off, I’m not going to pretend that I didn’t feel as though I was dropping the ball, tripping over myself every step of the way. Thanks to one of our lovely friends, 2 of the children made it to school on time, the third had to endure a traffic-y car journey and arriving at school a few minutes late.

Finally, I have come to the realisation that far from speeding things up, when multitasking I never have the focus on just one job and trying to focus on too many things at once just slows me down. Luckily I’m a list writer and I’m going to be employing this skill to tackle one job at a time from now on.

As a team, we win

Most people know that I co-run a Child Contact Centre, this week was more than a big deal as we were being assessed for re-accreditation and everything hinged on our inspection. Thank goodness for my co-admin who did all the gritty bits of the job like making sure we had insurance, a portfolio, were compliant and sat with the assessor for 2 hours going through paperwork.

Being the massively naive person who volunteered to put the rotas together I was asked to put a strong team on that day and make sure that they turned up. The session went brilliantly, we are re-accredited for the next 3 years and the feedback from the assessor was incredible, particularly around the admin, ‘virtual office’ and website. This was easy to setup, if I’m a ‘Type A’ personality when it comes to admin then my co-admin, Charmaine is ‘Type AA+’. Together, we get stuff done.

It made me realise though that the entire Contact Centre team is fantastically strong and we’re winning because we work well together. Sometimes it can be easy to take something or some work that’s precious to us and want to keep it to ourselves for fear of it being ruined by others’ interference. In my experience, sharing the good, as well as the bad, with a team makes it better than I thought it could be. There is no way either of us could run the Contact Centre on our own. As a team, it works brilliantly. If you have a few hours to spare on a Sunday afternoon, are relatively local to Kingston and would like to volunteer at the Child Contact Centre, please click this link for more information.