Working from home can be hard. Finding parking at venues can be harder

There are many advantages and disadvantages to working from home and they will probably be turned into a blog post of their very own but in a nutshell…… working from home is (mainly) great. It’s always nice to mix it up and visit clients on site or when working with parent start-ups, to meet them in a coffee shop.

What’s not so great is trying to find parking at said coffee shops. This week’s meeting felt a little on the ridiculous side – a high street which only had a set number of parking spaces. Cue driving in circles, in rush hour traffic to find a space only to find it was time limited. The meeting ran over and I had to go out and move the car, repeating steps from an hour before and 20 minutes later I was flustered and back to the meeting. it definitely made working from home, with the car parked on the drive, feel like a luxury.

No matter how well you label your child’s uniform, it will go missing

This is the bane of pretty much all school age parents. So frustrating. You buy some nice, shiny uniform, label it like the school has told you to. I use iron on labels – does anyone still hand sew stuff? asking for a friend! The uniform seems to be on my youngest child for a matter of minutes before he comes home with some straggly, bedraggled, clearly been through a lot of children, jumper and his shiny new uniform is never seen again.

Never did I think I’d spend the best years of my life sorting through the jumble of the ‘lost and found’ box while my youngest runs round not caring that his uniform is currently being modelled by one of the other twenty nine children in his class.

Next time I buy uniform I’m definitely going to invest in a name stamp from Stamptastic to see if it makes a shred of difference to hanging onto his uniform a little longer.

Blue skies make everything feel better

I’ll freely admit that I hate the school run…. in the winter. In summer the short walk across riverside lands is a pleasure. In winter it is a quagmire of muddy, cold, wet nothingness. You’d think starting the day with a walk should set me up for the day. It certainly does for the dog but the reality is a cold, wet, windy walk does not put me in a good mood.

This week blue skies finally broke through and it has made the start to the day feel so much easier. I’ve never suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder and can only imagine the pain of those who do. Let’s hope sunnier skies are here to stay.

A set work routine makes me massively more productive

I’m very lucky in that I can set my own work hours. What I’m not always so great at is setting my work routine and sticking to it.

Between me and my partner we have 3 children and 2 other parents to fit arrangements in with. Should a child fall ill or another parent have an emergency, it’s usually me who is available to help. This is great from a childcare/emotional wellbeing point of view, not so great for sticking to a work routine.

This year I knew the only way to be more productive and not have to spend nights working in front of the tv, was to set a routine and stick to it. It’s early days but it’s going well and is already showing that productivity definitely = results.

Algorithms are updated for a reason

This week a lot of small businesses became very unsettled when Facebook revealed a change in their algorithms that, broadly speaking, means pages posts won’t show up in Newsfeeds if people don’t interact with them. For anyone who has taken my from beginner to Social Media success course, they will already know that Facebook has always worked on this theory over the years so posting relevant, consistent content is key.

Many people ask why algorithms get changed, what is the purpose of changing something that already works? This goes, not just for Facebook, but Google, other search engines and Social Media channels. In a nutshell, it is to do with improving user experience. Happy users spend more time using search engines and social platforms, which in turn, pull in more advertising revenue. For a more detailed description of how this affects both, user and the business using these platforms, you can read this blog post.