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Holly Christie 

I have worked in digital marketing and on websites and web design since 2001. Before setting up This Demanding Life, I worked for London based independent Estate Agents and then spent 10 years working first as an Early Years TA then as the Head of Communications, IT & Marketing for an Independent prep school.

In 2013 I started freelancing, working with (mainly) parent-led start-ups, getting them started up, designing and building websites as well as offering Social Media strategy and business development consultancy. During this time I held a strong position in the Independent school sector, running Social Media workshops and seminars, blog writing for schools, parenting & school magazines and education services as well as devising the business development and marketing strategy for a well known schools market research company.

2016 saw a big change for me as I decided to move on from the Independent education sector and fully work for myself, working with start-ups. Most of these are with parents who, now they have a family, feel the corporate world is not for them and there is no better time than the present to forge a career in an area they love.

Working with parents is an empowering process. Who else understands how tough trying to fit everything in can be? I have 2 boys, aged 8 and 4 and last year we adopted Stitch, our neurotic dog. Every day I feel as though I’m hitting the ground running, often with the wrong contents for the situation in my handbag. I have a list for everything and am freakishly organised when it comes to work but cannot boast the same organisational skills when it comes to remembering to bake for the termly cake sale.

I am proof that if you want something done, ask a busy person! Like with parenting, creativity and online marketing does not just happen during the hours of 9 – 5 and This Demanding Life was created to be a flexible working solution for our clients as much as it is for us. Therefore the team is comprised of people who have boundless enthusiasm, enormous skill and the opportunity to work during the hours in which they are most productive.

Stuart Chandler

Stu is the technical expert behind This Demanding Life. Having paired up with me over a cup of coffee and design of a church website in January 2017, I recognised Stu’s brilliance and had to have him as part of the team.

Since then Stu’s coding wizadry has got us out of many a sticky situation….. websites that have broken during a transfer process, no problem. Websites which have completely reformatted themselves after an update…. Stu didn’t even break a sweat.

Not every situation needs fixing though and most of Stu’s work is working out how to pull off the technically challenging elements of custom web design and functionality. Writing custom code so that websites are truly unique and debugging websites before they go live and after updates.

Stu is also a brilliant sounding board for when I’m throwing around web design and functionality ideas as well as writing great web copy for engaging users.

When not being on-call for This Demanding Life, Stu has his own company; 1-2-1 PC Tuition where he covers PC support, one-to-one tuition and custom website design. You can read more about his technical skill, qualifications and career history on his about page.

The Rest of the Team

We’ve all heard or used the expression that it takes a village to raise a child….. it can also take a village to launch a business. Because of this I work with a team of freelancers which includes photographers, videographers, graphic designers and branding specialists. When we initially discuss your requirements we may speak about the team members who will be working on your project. Alternatively if you are looking for any of these services, please get in touch and I can put you in touch with the team members most suited to you.

How we can work together


I have experience in all areas of digital and online marketing. This includes: 

Digital content marketing strategy

Copywriting for websites, blogs & magazines

Creating magazines and newsletters

Marketing strategy for  E-shots & blog posts

Creating advertising campaigns for major social media channels

Running local area campaigns

 Consultancy & Training

I offer both, 1-1 consultancy and larger, group training. Popular training and courses include:

Creating an Online Marketing Strategy

Business Development and Coaching

Using Social Media for your Business 

Getting Started-Up 

Connecting with your audience 

Understanding  email marketing

Tutorials for online software

Social Media

The most important part of Social Media is having a good strategy.

Identifying and then focusing on your prime audience will help give you the confidence and understanding to make Social Media work for you.

I work with people to recognise their target audience then work on a strategy to create engaging content to start conversations with your audience and keep them coming back to you.

You can also learn more about Social Media & Marketing Strategy by taking my online courses.


For those who have completed my ‘Mastering Social Media for your Business’ course, they will know that having a strong Social Media presence is great but what’s even better is having a fully responsive website.

We design and create custom built websites to your requirements to best showcase your product or service and help you rank in Google Searches.

To understand more about website design and what elements and functionality to include, you may like to take my ‘Understanding Successful Website Design’ course. 

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