Are you ready to take your website to the next level?

Do you have a brilliant business (or business idea) that deserves to shine in the online world?

You know what you want but you’re not quite sure how to get there and pretty soon it’s all a bit much so you quietly close your browser, to deal with it another day. 

I’m so happy you’re here because today is that day!

I’m Holly and I’m here to solve your website woes, launch you in the online space and implement a whole load of ideas and experience to make your website an integral part of your business and marketing strategy.

I’m a big advocate of making sure your website works hard so you don’t have to. Because let’s face it, no-one wants to work 24/7, but for your website – working around the clock is literally its job. 

Holly made the entire process easy. Took on board my comments and gave me options, too!  Deanna Streeton

Fed up of feeling alone with your website?

I’ve spent my career working in marketing and business development for small businesses. It didn’t take long for me to realise if you really want to get ahead of the competition, then your website is where it begins. 

In the same way that decorating your home can be hugely satisfying, I view your website as your online home and I work with you to understand your likes/dislikes, business practise so I can build you a website which feels it represents you perfectly, inside and out. 

I’m known for my hand holding approach. I’m not here to get the brief, build your site then send you the files, for you to never hear from me again. If we choose to work together I’m here to support you and help you to overcome any hurdles which may be in the way of you and your online success. 

You see, I get it; small businesses are already up against it and there’s always a bigger, corporate competition for products and services. I know the value of personalised service and how to help you hold your head high when being amongst that competition. Small businesses make the world a more interesting and happier place and I love building websites which get individual products and services out into the world. 

Holly was professional, knowledgeable and adaptable, all whilst making me feel my start up was as important to her as it is to me. Lucy Templeman

My core values


A strong community can move mountains. I’m all about community. I want you to do well and support you in achieving your online potential. It’s not just the big things in life, most of life is made up of the little things. I take care of those online little things so you can focus on the big, end goals.


This is the superpower of creative people. Need something rotating a few degrees, dropped a comma in some of the copy? Photos a few pixels out? I don’t let that stuff go unnoticed. I want the very best for you and my attention to detail is my superpower.


There’s a saying ‘you can’t buy experience’. This is true. Websites and their designs are complex. I have the experience with both, design and functionality, on top of which, I teach you all you need to know about your website with a user manual which you can refer back to time and again.


I always operate with integrity. If I don’t know something, I won’t bluff. I’ll tell you that I’m off to find out and come back with an answer. If something’s not working, I’ll let you know. You won’t ever be in the dark or left feeling muddled.

Attentive, efficient and I got exactly the webpage I was looking for. Gillian Martin

Brilliant websites take time

  • 20 years of digital marketing experience

  • 18 years of website design

  • 9 years of uninterrupted website development

  • 40+ websites built (as This Demanding Life)

  • Over 100 businesses consulted with

Great experience, exceptional person. I highly recommend Holly. Alessandro Grimaldi

Meet my team

Amy Newlands

Branding Specialist

Amy is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer & brand specialist.

Amy creates logos and graphics to make websites truly unique. She doesn’t stop there though, Amy creates entire brands – with logos, social media banners and templates to use on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. When you work with Amy, you won’t just have a logo, you’ll have an entire brand.

Oliver Meech


Oliver is an award winning copywriter who specialises in creating engaging copy which gets your business noticed.

He offers 3 services; copywriting power hours, copy polish or full scale done for you service. He’s a brilliant wordsmith, teacher and all-round great guy. Oliver injects his own magic into words and can write copy for all industries.

Samantha McCulloch

SEO Specialist

Samantha is an SEO specialist working with small businesses to get their website found online.

As well as working on the unseen side of websites with her SEO skills, Samantha teaches small business owners to create and implement an SEO strategy to their website content to ensure they have the key skills to make sure their website is chosen by Google every time.

Stu Chandler

Technical Expert

FTP, PHP, SQL, cPanel. Stu has you covered.

Stu works with the backend of websites, ensuring the best hosting and server environment. He also handles email account setup, website migrations and is a whizz with debugging and sorting out technical issues. Stu also writes custom code for more complex website designs.

We also work with

Industry specific copywriters

Ready to drop the hustle?

When I first entered the world of entrepreneurship I knew how to build websites and make them look pretty, but I didn’t know how to improve visibility online.

Every day I had to hustle for work and felt frustrated that I wasn’t getting leads through my website. I knew I had to get my website working harder so I didn’t burn out before the work came in.

I made it my mission to know everything there is to know about getting visible online. How to keep Google happy, how to link in with Social Media (and not have it work against you). Which SEO practices are game changers.

I’ve combined all that knowledge and channelled it into creating stunning high- performing websites for small businesses to put them on the map and lead them to success.

A recent custom build website received 4 online orders within 4 hours of being launched and a Simply Site received its first order 24 hours after going live.

It’s time to get confident online.

Let’s get started.