Christmas Eve, the day before the big event, where the childless wind up work early and disappear to the pub, the parents of young children spend the day counting down the minutes until the children go to bed and everyone feels a touch of dread and a lot of excitement.

With 1 day left to go, here is the expectation vs the reality of Christmas Eve:


Serene family breakfast.


Everyone grabs a slice of dry bread as they race off to last minute Christmas shopping.


Spend the early afternoon making a beautiful dessert with older child, to be the show stopper after Christmas lunch. 


Grab whatever sorry looking, broken boxed dessert is left on the shelf in Sainsburys 5 minutes before it closes. 


Participate in a soulful carol service to get in the Christmas spirit. 


Sing 15 renditions of ‘Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose’ in a (failing) attempt to placate the toddler while you wait in the world’s longest checkout queue. 


Beautifully clean, sleepy eyed children will put on their new pjs and be in bed by 7:30pm.


Overexcited, sugared up children are jumping up on the bed well past 10pm. 


Pour a glass of wine and sink into the sofa to watch a favourite Christmas movie. 


Blink repeatedly as your eyes water from exhaustion and too much caffeine whilst you wrap last minute gifts, keeping one eye on the door for any awake children. 

In the blink of an eye it’s all over. Usually, 45 minutes after falling into bed in an exhausted heap an overexcited child (or adult) will shake you awake ready to begin Christmas day. I recommend caffeine and a quick cry when no-one’s looking. Wine and cocktails at the earliest available opportunity also helps!

Have a wonderful Christmas!



  1. Rachel 24/12/2015 at 08:57 - Reply

    I am shocked and disturbed that you have had cctv up in my house! Today I shall entertain 2 children while making a chocolate log, wrap presents and attempt to do a half day of a full time job (from home). Sainsburys is not an option for me but the chocolate log may become a fruit salad 🙂

    Have a great Christmas to you and yours xxx

    • Holly 24/12/2015 at 09:01 - Reply

      Ha ha, I am not even attempting to work from home today but am already trying to quicken the tasks…. does hoovering really need doing? So what if food isn’t prepared in time? I am eyeing the prosecco bottle hopefully and wondering if I really do have to drive today ;).

      Have a wonderful Christmas! xxx

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