I’ll admit it, I’m shockingly late to the podcast game. Scratch that – I was incredibly early to it, listening to the podcast Sophie Kinsella produced a couple of episodes of, back in the naughties. No-one else seemed to be producing anything interesting so I checked out. 

Roll on 2016. I started working from home more and it turns out there is only so much music you can listen to each day. I have become well and truly addicted to the variety and convenience of podcasts. There’s something very relaxing about listening to people talk without having anything visual to distract you and it leads me to listening to content that I wouldn’t necessarily seek out via other media outlets. 

My favourite Podcasts are: 

MAGIC-LESSONS-600x315Magic Lessons – Elizabeth Gilbert

First off, give yourself a lot of time with these, they tend to be over an hour long. Once you get listening to them you’ll understand why. My favourite place to listen to these are when cooking and when working out at the gym. The podcasts are a follow up to Liz’s book Big Magic, which is about living life creatively and doing work that you love and deserve. They touch on the ‘permission slips’ that she mentions in Eat, Pray, Love, supporting the person she is speaking to in breaking through their insecurities and helping enable them to reach their goals. 

Listening to the soothing tones of Liz’s voice is like therapy in itself. She is so supportive of the listener and has fun with her guests. The typical format of her show will be her speaking to a caller (who has applied to be on the show) about their creative blocks, dreams etc, they’ll talk it out with Liz making wonderfully insightful observations. Then Liz introduces a friend/fellow artist etc to speak and offer advice to the caller. I don’t know why I was surprised by how well connected Liz is but the guest she has offer advice, are utterly inspirational, creative people. Towards the end of the podcast she gives the caller an assignment and then follows up a couple of months later. 

My favourite part of her podcasts are how accepting and supporting Liz is. There is no wrong answer, just the encouragement to live life well, to be true to yourself and not get caught up in other people’s dreams and plans for you, listen to your calling and follow through. Generally I come away from these weekly sessions feeling that I can change my life and change the world. 

You can find the Magic Lessons Podcasts by clicking here

Supermum Podcast - This Demanding LifeThe Supermum Podcast – Lisa York 

In the interests of full disclosure, Lisa is a friend of mine. She is one of the strongest, most energetic, bravest people I know. We met at the school gates, our eldest sons are the same age (and were in the same class) and she has 4 children, all under the age of 7 (and at one point, all under the age of 5!) Lisa is a former therapist – focusing on complementary therapies and lifestyle management. This was my career through the naughties too! However, where I gave up the complementary therapies to work in the world of communication and IT consulting (yes, it is as fun as that sounds!) Lisa went on to found the Supermum Podcast, focusing on mindfulness for Mums. 

One day Lisa googled the term ‘Supermum’ and found this: “An exemplary or exceptional mother, especially one who successfully manages a home and brings up children while also having a full-time job.”

She saw that this was so incredibly inaccurate that she set about changing the way mothers feel about and look after themselves via her podcast. 

There are 2 podcasts a week (yay! waiting for a weekly podcast can feel a little like waiting for the next episode of Game of Thrones) which is just perfect. The Mum to Mum Monday podcast is approximately 45 minutes and is a Q&A style session where Lisa interviews mums from all over the world with different experiences, offering different advice as to how to be the supermum you are, without having to compromise on your needs. 

The Friday cafe is a a similar, yet shorter version of the Mum to Mum Monday. A well timed boost, before the weekend where small people and partners will come be even more demanding than the usual Monday – Friday. 

My favourite time to listen to these are when I have some space away from the kids. The content is so engaging and lifting, that I find being surrounded by the parkland whilst walking the dog gives me the peace I need to really absorb the information. 

Supermum is a relatively new podcast so easy to catch up on and listen to from the beginning. You can check out the website by clicking here.

My Dad write a Porno This Demanding LifeMy Dad wrote a Porno

I did wonder whether to include this or not….. first there’s my soul food, inspirational podcast, then there’s my ‘go rock motherhood’ podcast and then there’s My Dad wrote a porno, my silly, laugh out loud, light relief podcast. 

iTunes recommended this to me, I don’t know what clever algorithm made it land on my laptop but I’m very pleased it did. The podcast is based around Jamie reading a chapter (each show) of his Dad’s erotic novel, ‘Belinda Blinks’ then analysing it with his friends, Alice and James. Needless to say, as anyone would feel had it been their father who had written this, it is cringe inducing and laugh out loud funny. 

Car journeys (without the kids) were made for this podcast, where no-one really notices me crying with laughter at the content. I also listen to it a lot at the gym and get a few funny looks when it hits a funny part. 

You can check out the my Dad wrote a porno website by clicking here

In true falling down the rabbit hole of the internet (or in this case, my iTunes account) I have just added another 11 podcasts to my stream so expect a follow up post soon!

What are your favourite podcasts?