Admit it….. you’ve been wondering where I went to. Well there are a few reasons for my absence, which I will address in future posts but one of the big reasons is I was running (as you know) and training for the Race for Life.

This wasn’t just any old Race for Life either……… I have meant to run the Race for Life ever since my dear Auntie Sallie died of breast cancer in 2008 but selfishly, had never got around to it. Last year there was a harsh reminder when 2 parents at the school I work in were diagnosed with breast cancer and one of the dads was declared in remission. Someone pointed me in the direction that Schools could apply to host their own event, I applied for the pack and we were off!

Firstly, logistics: The people in Richmond Park were lovely and said for a small fee, we could use the park. Then organising 131 children and their teachers and families then raising sponsorship and we were off!


The weather turned out beautifully, the event was a huge success and we raised loads of money (sponsorship is still coming in so can’t give an exact figure).

DSC_1973Most of all, I was so proud of my biggest boy. The one who kept giving up after 40 seconds when we were training, he and his best friend ran the entire 2k without stopping and raised nearly £200 sponsorship. Not bad for a 5 year old! Here he is half way around.



This was also the first big event I’ve organised for a while so I was super proud of how it had all worked out. Here is me giving out the medals at the end of the races:


To view the video of the races, you can do so on vimeo here. and on Facebook here.