Like most people, come the first week of January I can be found at the gym, slogging away on a treadmill whilst watching the little TVs and cursing the Christmas overindulgence. Unlike many people, when February, then March and even September rolls round, I can still be found at the gym. Here are my reasons why the gym is a great place to be all year round.


Nothing quite compares to how virtuous you feel when you turn up at the gym, kit bag in hand, full of good intentions for the next couple of hours. It really doesn’t matter that those couple of hours are spent at the coffee bar and then watching Come Dine With Me in peace in the changing room. What matters is that you’ve been somewhere healthy and that totally counts.


Going to the gym gets you out of just about anything you don’t want to do (except for actually exercising). Don’t fancy the regular coffee morning? Sorry – you have a session with a personal trainer*. Not keen on a night out? Sorry – it’s evening Yoga class.


What would you rather be doing – cleaning out the oven or sitting in a hot, cosy Jacuzzi followed by the steam room?


We all have busy lives and a great way to give ourselves enough time and space to order our thoughts and concentrate on the days and weeks ahead is to spend some time with just you. Whether it’s running on the treadmill, lifting weights or swimming up and down the pool, your head will clear and you will feel more ordered in your plans.


Even walking from the car to the coffee bar and beyond is more exercise than you would get sitting at home and the more exercise you do, the better you’ll feel.


The more you exercise, the fitter you become and this really doesn’t take long to do. The more often you go to the gym, the further and quicker you’ll be able to run/swim/cycle and knowing that each time you go, you’re building on something is a great feeling.


The better habits you gain at the gym, the more you’ll find yourself not indulging in the bad habits you have outside of it. You won’t want to do anything to wreck the buzz from your latest gym session.


The gym can be one of the friendliest places to be! Gone are the days of intimidation with everyone in the latest gear, and whilst there will always be someone there fitter than you, working harder than you are, the chances are, they have just been at it longer than you and if you keep at it, one day you’ll be them.


Often we set ourselves challenges that are so hard, that they’re almost impossible to complete. Fitness and routines and classes are all routines that work up to the next level. Nothing is expected overnight and it’s great to be able to achieve goals at your own pace.

*Unless you actually have a session with a personal trainer, in which case, the chances are that you’ll much prefer heading to that coffee morning after all.

There are my 9 (good) reasons to keep going to the gym all year round. What are yours?