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Bright Sky Career Coaching had outgrown the branding of their original website and it was time to step up. With a successful podcast and group coaching services Fay wanted a website which would reflect the direction Bright Sky was working in.

Amy and I jumped on a Branding Brainstorm call and decided to redraw the bird so it was more modern in design and incorporate it as an icon throughout the website. We chose to bring the sunshine orange colour forward in the brand pallette and add in one of Fay's favourite colours, coral. We changed the teal to a blue and went forward with a much stronger brand. Next up was an elegant, yet slightly unusual font, which we paired with a classic body font to keep things easily readable.

Oliver had written the website copy and Fay had a brand photo shoot so we had brand new material to work with on the website build.

Fay's instructions were 'I want it to be colourful, slightly playful and please don't let it be boring!'

The results... an animated, fun, yet informative website with a strong brand showing Bright Sky to be the leaders in HR executive coaching.

Design & Build

Holly Christie


Amy Newlands