Is it you? 

Is it you that’s holding everything back?

It is you isn’t it?! 

Sometimes we have to have some very real and honest conversations with ourselves.  We can look at why we aren’t making any progress, we can consider the marketplace, the current climate, what other people are doing BUT the reality is that most of the time we have to start with ourselves.  

Have you ever just considered for a moment, if you implemented all of the stuff you already knew just how different things could be right now?  It’s mind blowing.   So often people will know (and I mean really know) the stuff that will make the change for them but they’ve never prioritised it or found the capacity to implement it.  Sometimes that’s ok.  Sometimes we have a list of priorities that are jostling and scrambling for our attention and we simply can’t do all the things.  We have to cut from somewhere, we have to say not now to some things.  

"We have to start with ourselves' 

I want to start this one with ~ we only have a certain amount of time, effort, energy & attention that is allocated to us each day.  We need to be looking at the allocation of this.  Yup, there’s some things that will be allocated time, effort, energy & attention which wouldn’t be on the top of your things that make me squeal with joy list but the consideration of how we are spending our allocation can be quite insightful.  The 8-8-8 principle is one that I always find hugely impactful ~ if you work for 8 hours per day and you sleep for 8 hours per day then what’s happening to the other 8 hours a day?  

If we keep leaving the projects shelved that we know are going to change our world for the better then the progress has been stalled.  It can’t happen.   These things don’t happen by magic, you can’t wish them into existence.  Progress comes from action, action creates momentum.  

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"Progress comes from action, action creates momentum."

Now let’s address the elephant in the room.  That elephant has the name SCARED.  OK, so you might be leaving the project on the shelf because you’re scared.  What if…….. What if you don’t pull it off, what if you don’t make a success of it, what if no-one buys, what if you make a fool of yourself, what if people think you’re being a knob.  What if, what if, what if.  Scared is normal when you are doing things you’ve not done before.  BUT scared is not a negative emotion.   We seem to think that scared is bad, it has connotations that scared is a negative motion.  It really isn’t.  Scared is your body giving you a heads up that you are doing something you haven’t done before.  Scared is asking you just to be present.  Scared is ok, don’t let scared ever stop you.  Look scared in the eyes and let it know that you see it, you know it’s not negative and that you can work together to make it happen.  It’ll support you to make sure you are focused on the task in hand, you can work as a team. 

And the next one that absolutely must be addressed is overwhelm.  If you’ve left the things that you need to implement as one, mighty big, task then chances are you’ll never start it.  It’s too much.  You don’t know where to start and you’ll never be able to allocate the time to such a ginormous job.  BIDB ~ break it down buttercup!  Micro task out what needs to happen in order for you to implement your epic project, I mean right down into singular tasks.  Yeah, the list might be long but you’ll be able to start to pick one task at a time from the list and get that huge, cathartic tick onto the list! There’s nowt like a list tick is there?

Want to generate more leads & sales from your website?

Join 100s of small business owners taking control of their online marketing with weekly website tips delivered direct to your inbox.

Break it down buttercup!

Here’s the thing, if you have that pull of your hair to make progress and you keep stifling it then you will end up frustrated.  You never have to trudge through this stuff alone and nor is it a “clear the decks” one and done kinda thing.  The commitment to making the progress that you want to make is a fire you’ll light in your belly and you’ll let it burn.  You’ll add fuel to that fire periodically by making little dial turns towards the outcome you seek to achieve.  It’s all about small steps consistently taken.  

  No time ~ not an excuse, everyone has 15 mins per day that they can allocate to their progress 

  Scared ~ not an excuse, you’re going to start to work with it as colleagues rather than battle it & allow it to have dominance 

  It’s too big ~ nope, not having that one either. Break it down, make it manageable 

You owe it to you to commit to making magic happen.  After all, this is what you want! 

Emma Holmes is chief disrupter & founder of Rebels & Rockstars: supporting sassy entrepreneurs to stupendous success with stonking strategy! 

Emma is a huge advocate of the fact that the energy we are able to put into everything we do has a massive impact on the outcomes we achieve. She takes the approach that entrepreneurs aren't stupid, they are often time poor, get overwhelmed and distracted by the next exciting thing. Emma is passionate about providing sports bra, rather than camisole support - robust & practical ~ with ease to implement strategy that can skyrocket your figures. 

A catalyst for change, a spark to ignite progress & the practical steps to take to make it happen underlies all of Emma's work! 

Emma's proud to be a square peg who doesn’t care about round holes and fitting in boxes. And she encourages her clients to do the same.