Becoming a parent is a game changer in all areas of life. What once was a rewarding career is often viewed as a negative, stressful experience once there are the needs of small people to consider and that’s without considering the cost and hassle of childcare options.

With the rise of the ‘power bloggers’ most of whom happen to be parents, never has there been a better time to ditch the job with inflexible hours and hostile attitude to parents and carve out a career that you love and suits you and your family. Last year the Telegraph reported that 80 Start Ups were created each hour in the UK.

Bearing in mind the figures above are incredible, we have to bear in mind that as many as 9 out of 10 Start-Ups fail. What is the difference between starting a winning enterprise and one that putters along and eventually flops?

Getting Started

The most successful businesses did not happen easily or by accident, no matter how much Instagram and other Social Media accounts can make it appear to be the case. Having a clear plan for what it is you are promoting, whether that’s a product or your services is the best place to start. Once you have refined these services think of who your target audience is and what you think the most effective methods of reaching them will be.

Getting Online

Online advertising is the most effective method of promoting your business and with the government urging all businesses to have a website by the end of this year, establishing yourself online is the cornerstone of starting up successfully.

A website should be the first place to start as just having a Facebook Page or Instagram profile isn’t enough to establish your reputation as a reputable industry player. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a website, particularly with WordPress offering both, free and low cost options, and if you’re prepared to put the time into building it yourself, you should be able to do something for a few hundred pounds. However, web designers and consultants have their jobs for a reason and meeting with a consultant can help you plan out what the purpose of your website is and what your call to actions should be.


There is little point in having a fresh, new website if you don’t put the work into optimising the pages for search engines at the same time. Again, this is where consulting a web designer can really pay off. Without a solid SEO plan it can take up to 2 years for your website to rank in the first 10 pages of Google, which is less than ideal for a new company.

Specialist advice can be worth its weight in gold for having a step by step guide of how to handle SEO yourself. If you don’t yet have the budget to chat to a specialist start by installing an SEO plugin on your website and following the directions.

Social Media

These days every company must have a Social Media presence. Not doing so makes you look old fashioned and unreliable. There are many advantages to using Social Media, the main one being that there is already a primed, engaged audience to market your product to. Many people are nervous at using Social Media and the minefield that it can bring with it, If you are nervous at the thought of using it for your company then sign up to a Social Media course where you can learn all about the platforms and their uses.