Master Social Media for your Business & Start-Up

Despite having been around for more than a decade, Social Media makes many people nervous when using it in a work capacity. However, not using it means you’re missing out, which no business can afford, especially new ones.

This course will give you all the tools to successfully launch your business in the online community and beyond. With advice on how to drive up website engagement, where to source free stock imagery, how to find inspiration for content and most importantly; how to implement an effective Social Media campaign without it taking over your life!

This comprehensive, 10 module course provides all you need to get your Social presence off the ground. Ideal for both those who are beginners and those who have experience of using Social Media.


I’ve just completed the ‘Social Media for Small Businesses and Start-Ups’ course.

Having recently launched The SuperMum Podcast, but knowing very little about Social Media, I needed to be taken by the hand and lead.

Holly’s comprehensive, but easy to understand style took me across a broad spectrum of Social Media platforms. Understanding ‘why’ enabled me to have an informed choice about the couple of platforms I chose to be present on.

I’ve seen engagement in my podcast increase dramatically because, leveraging off Holly’s rich knowledge and experience, I was able to chose platforms and posting strategies that suited my personal style and the needs of my audience best.

Thank you for enlightening me!

   Lisa York, The SuperMum Podcast

Your Instructor

Holly Christie

Holly has been working with Social Media for over a decade. With interactive web design and integration being a large focus of her work, Holly believes in leaving no stone unturned when representing businesses online and she specialises in brand consistency as well as reputation management.

Holly’s ambition is to get as many people as possible online and connected with their communities via Social Media and stunning, mobile responsive websites.


The course curriculum

Module 1 – A Social Media Overview

The untapped world of Social Media can be daunting for those who don’t really know how to use it in their daily work. In this module you will learn the differences between 6 major Social Media platforms. Who their majority users are, the purposes and the history of the different platforms as well as why people use them and what devices people access them on.

Module length: 25 mins.


Module 2 – Understanding & Choosing Platforms

Everyone has heard of Facebook and Twitter but do you know why they’re popular or what their purpose is? In this module you will learn what the 6 major Social Media platforms look like, how people engage with them and insights which will help you decide which platforms will best suit your business.

Module length: 31 mins.


Module 3 – Your Website

Social Media channels do not stand independently of websites when it comes to online marketing. In this module you will learn the fundamental rules of building a quality website for your business. The module details what you should (and shouldn’t) be doing and how to ensure your users get the best experience when connecting with your brand.

Module length: 15 mins.


Module 4 – Blogging & Vlogging

Blogging & Vlogging are a fundamental ingredient to online marketing success. In this module we examine the key strategies to successful business blogs and vlogs, as well as where to resource content and how to display it correctly.

Module length: 20 mins. 


Module 5 – Sourcing & Optimising Content

Knowing how and where to source quality, topical content for your Social Media channels, blogs and vlogs is half the battle of online marketing. In this module we explore lesser known Social Media channels and how we can use their content, alongside their demographic information, to source content for advertising.

Module length: 21 mins.


Module 6 – Paying to Promote Content

When you are new to Social Media marketing it can be overwhelming trying to decide when to pay to promote content and when to let it reach an audience organically. In this module we explain what content will do well when paid to promote it. We look at the strategies for creating successful promoted posts and what your Call to Action should be when promoting posts.

Module length: 16 mins.


Module 7 – Email Marketing & Automation

Email marketing is still the most successful method of marketing your product/service. In this module we explore marketing automation software and why everyone should be using it. We also look at how to encourage people to engage and sign up to your mailing list. Finally we explain what to do with your email subscribers once you have them.

Module length: 15 mins.


Module 8 – Keeping the Momentum

Many people fear that Social Media advertising will take over their whole lives. This really doesn’t have to be the case. Some good automation software, as well as knowing when to use it and when not to, can help you achieve balance in the online and real worlds. This module looks at the different types of software, the rules of using them in relation to platforms and how to run a successful campaign without burning yourself out.

Module length: 16 mins.


Module 9 – Tools of the Trade – Creating Content

It’s easy to say that people must create daily content but knowing you have to and knowing how to are 2 separate things. In this module we look at some of the more popular software and websites for creating content as well as what content works successfully on the different platforms.

Module length: 12 mins.


Module 10 – Reputation Management

The majority of people who do not use Social Media for their business cite that it’s because they are worried about people being negative online. In this module we discuss the strategies for dealing with online complaints, how and why they happen and how to stop them from happening in future.

Module length: 14 mins.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts as soon as you purchase it and is self paced so feel free to tackle a bunch of modules in one go or pace them out into time slots that suit you.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have one calendar year (365 days) from purchasing the course in which to complete it.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We don’t want you to be unhappy at all. In the rare event that you think this course is not for you, please get in touch via email within 30 days of purchasing the course.