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Custom Build Websites

Reach the right people, and wow them!

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Helping Your Business Grow with a Website Designed for You

You need a website that reflects you, is easy to manage and designed for the business you’re building. We’ll work with you to create a website you can be proud of; a website that shows you off at your best and brings you the clients you’re looking for.

This isn’t just about creating something you’re happy with now, you’ll get a site which works for your business now and into the future.

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Your Website Built with Our Experience

You’ve got a website that’s doing ok, but you want more.

You’re ready to take your business further and you want a website which will work harder for you – reaching the right people, showing them how amazing you are, and convincing them to take the next step.

Our websites work hard; generating leads and converting sales so you can:

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Spend more time with clients.

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Do the bits of your work you enjoy most.

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Take back your weekends.

As well as my years building websites, I also have many years’ experience in marketing strategy, so the websites I build are designed to work with your social media accounts, email lists, and provide a solid base for all your marketing.

We know how hard it can be to manage a growing business when all the tasks fall on you. Our aim is to take away some of these demands, by creating a website which will support your business making it simple to manage.

Let us help

Our Custom-Built Websites, Designed for Real Business

Our team have successfully delivered websites for many clients needing a variety of solutions, each focused on their business.

You’ll get an effective website because we provide:

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Strategic marketing and web design experience, we’ll work with you to understand exactly what you want and need.

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Brand and design knowhow, making sure your branding and website reflect your business and speak to your ideal audience.

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Technical expertise with specialist WordPress knowledge so we can provide the right solution for you.

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Copy and communication support for messages which speak to your people and convince them to get in touch.

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People and processes you can work with.

We want you to enjoy the website build experience – and living with your site after development so we have created processes and walkthroughs to give you the insights and reassurance you need.

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“I want to thank Holly for all the work she did on building our website from scratch… she worked with us every step of the way to ensure we got what we wanted and at the same time she made it look good… We now have a website we love!”

Vanessa Delenda

How it works

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We’ll talk 

The first step is a call. Book a time that works for you and we’ll meet on Zoom. This is when we talk about your plans for your site and look at timescales. For both of us, this is a chance to see if the project will work.

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Sign up

I’ll send an email with your customised quote, timescales, and anything else you need, you’ll then pay the deposit to book your work in. If you’d like help with copywriting, branding, or photography, I’ll introduce you to the team.

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Content capture

We’ll let you know everything we need from you to start your website build including the words (or copy), pictures, branding, and logins for any software to connect. If you’re not sure what you need, we can help; then we’ll schedule a date to start the build.

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The build

Your initial build usually takes up to six weeks, but a particularly large or complex site may take longer. You’ll get weekly video updates so you can give us feedback as we progress.

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First draft

When the design and build is ready, we’ll send you a walkthrough and link so you can look around the site yourself. You can let us know your thoughts for changes while we do some final technical work.

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Going live

You’re happy and it looks fabulous, this is the final stretch. We’ll discuss the launch date and process, then hand over your personalised user manual when the button is pressed and the website is live!

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Award winning

2023 Web Designer of the Year, Innovation and Excellence awards by Corporate LiveWire

2023/2024 Website Design Services of the Year, Global awards by Corporate LiveWire

2023 Branding Designer of the Year, Scottish Enterprise Awards

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Innovation and excellence awards logo.

“Holly was patient, professional and calm all the way. We now have a website we love!”

Vanessa Gurd

Simply Sites

If you feel a custom build website isn’t right for you just now, you should check out Simply Sites. We’ve created a fantastic range of fully mobile responsive, search engine optimised template sites which we’ll brand just for you. The dream combination of powerful, yet affordable – you can find out more here: Simply Sites.

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Have a look at some of our websites

Simba Coaching Website on a laptop and phone screen.
Bright Sky Career Coaching website in a laptop and a phone screen.
Vintique Upholstery Website on a laptop and phone screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but this doesn’t mean we can’t start talking about your plans now. You’ll likely need some time to get your content together before the build can start, so get in touch.

You’ll get a custom built website unique to you, what that includes will depend on your needs so let’s have a call to discuss.

Custom build websites start at £3,500 but you’ll get a unique quote after our initial call, based on the specific requirements of your website build.

Our websites are usually paid for in two stages: 50% as a deposit and 50% on completion. If you’d like to discuss a payment plan, let’s talk.

Once we’ve spoken on Zoom, I’ll send you a quote for your website development. If you have any questions, this is the time to email them through. When you’re happy with the proposal, you’ll pay the deposit to ensure the development is booked in our diary. At this stage we’ll send over everything you need to start gathering content for your new website.

Usually, your website build will take at least six weeks to the first draft. After this, it will be a further three weeks to make any changes before your site goes live. If your website is particularly large, or has any complex or unique elements, it may take longer but you’ll be told this when I send the quote.

Yes, and as every membership is different, a custom build website is ideal to ensure your offering reflects your branding and business processes.

Yes, and you’ll have an online shop fully customised to your audience. We’ll walk you through all the elements you need to consider for your content and, when your new site is ready, you’ll also receive a guide to show you how to fill out the product spreadsheets you need to upload to the shop.

If you’d like the agency experience, we can take the whole project off your hands. I work with a team of experienced copywriters, branding specialists, photographers and developers so we can look after you from start to finish. This package starts at £6,500.

With a custom build website, you’re getting something unique – built for your business from scratch. You won’t see a website like yours anywhere else as the look, feel and functionality of the site are designed to suit you.

Simply Sites are pre-built websites which are customised for small businesses who want a beautifully branded, high performing site on a budget. These websites have been created by us at This Demanding Life, so they’re only available to our customers and are a great option for micro businesses starting out. You can see our Simply Sites here – Simplysites.co.uk

Find out what our clients have said

I had the pleasure of Holly rebuilding my website from scratch, which she successfully achieved by listening intently to what I wanted, understanding my brand and core values to ensure they were accurately reflected via the website. Holly took an immense amount of time to get each detail right, which I truly appreciated ~ the result; a website that reflects my brand perfectly and attracts my target market.

Lola Bejide