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Are you a ready to step up your online presence?

You’ve landed here for a reason, you have an itch that your website just isn’t doing it for you.  The website you started out with was great at the time but now there’s a mismatch between where your business is and where your website is. 

You’re looking to taking your website to the next level and aren’t really sure where to begin. Choosing the right website experience which encompasses all you need for your business to grow feels a bit overwhelming.

You can relax. You’re in the right place. 

Working with me is not the same as working with another designer. I have 17 years experience working in Marketing. 9 of those years have also encompassed running businesses. I know the challenges small businesses face and how difficult it can be to manage your online presence as well as run your business.

In the online world which literally never sleeps, it can be easy to feel like you’re dropping the ball at times.

Together we can change that. Instead of battling an online world which never sleeps, how about we join it? My lead generating, sales converting websites are designed to make you money while you sleep. Yes really, my websites work 24 hours a day, so that you don’t have to. 

When working together we cover everything. I’ll build you a stellar website and we’ll also integrate it with your marketing materials, connect it to your Social Media accounts, ensure it has bang up to date software and fully equip it to work its socks off so you can focus on what you do best….. your job.

But, first things first…

Stepping up your website is a big investment, for you and for me. Let’s get to know each other and make sure we’re a good fit. Book a complementary coffee and a chat and see if we’re best placed to grow your business together.

Book a coffee and a chat

Absolutely fantastic experience! Holly was so patient and accommodating, she got the look I wanted for my website spot on! Extremely helpful and the whole process was explained clearly. Claire Walker

How it Works

Let’s get busy!

We’ve decided to work together – brilliant! Next we need all the elements which will make your website amazing. This includes: 

Branding materials

Website copy


Technical information

Creativity Corner

This is where the magic happens, I take all your elements and turn it into a lead generating, sales making, marketing machine of a website. 

This takes a few weeks so sit tight. You’ll be kept updated of progress every week with a personalised walk-through video of the website as it comes together. 

First Draft

This is when the website is complete and ready for you to view it in real time. You’ll be given access to click around and see the website in real time. 

Once you’ve viewed it we’ll make any minor tweaks and changes you’d like, ready for the launch. This can take up to 3 weeks. 

3, 2, 1 Lift Off!

Once the changes have been made, you’ve had another click-through of the site and it’s all approved we launch your website into the online world! 

You’ll have a stellar website to take your business to the next level and we’ll send a box of personalised biscuits to celebrate 🍪.

Contact me about your custom built website

It was a pleasure working with you and you were so patient with me especially as it my first ever website. I love the results and everyone comments on how great it looks. Trudie Oliver

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Kate & Claire

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What Happens Next

Once your website is complete and has been signed off it is yours. You are not under obligation to stay with me and are welcome to host, maintain and update it yourself or have someone else do it for you.

If you would like to continue to work together then one of my monthly maintenance packages will be right for you.

The Website Care Package is an entry level maintenance package which will takes care of monthly updates, site security and back ups. (This package is for you if you are hosting your website yourself).

The Care Plus Package takes care of your hosting, SSL Certificate, back ups, monthly updates and site security.

The Care & Create Package takes care of your hosting, SSL Certificate, back ups, monthly updates, site security and allows for an hour of website development time each month which is perfect if you’d like support in amending adding blog posts, amending text or updating images. 

It’s been a joy working with Holly. Attentive, efficient, good at providing clear informed explanations and I got exactly the webpage I had been looking for. Gillian Martin

Website Maintenance

Once your website has been created and is live it’s important to keep it up to date.

  It keeps plugins, APIs, themes and WordPress working to deliver a great experience for your visitors.

  It Boosts your SEO – search engines prioritise websites which are regularly updated.

  You can easily find out if parts of your website aren’t working properly and need fixing.

  It helps prevent hackers – old code on websites can be a highway for hackers to access your website.

  As new software is released it brings exciting updates which can enhance the design of your website.

Website Care Package

  • Monthly Updates
  • Weekly Back Ups
  • Website Security Check Up

Care Plus Package

  • Monthly Updates
  • Weekly Back Ups
  • Website Security Check Up
  • Website Hosting
  • SSL Certificate

Care & Create Package

  • Monthly Updates
  • Weekly Back Ups
  • Website Security Check Up
  • Website Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • One Hour Development Time Per Month
Contact me about website maintenance

*Please note, I only offer maintenance services for websites created by This Demanding Life

I want to say thank you for going above and beyond to ensure that our website reflects the vision, ethos and culture of our brand. Herman Stewart