Podcast Artwork of Holly, looking at the camera with the title 'what's stopping you?' and episode number 1

Have you stopped to think what's stopping you from getting ahead?

I mean, what's really stopping you, not just the practicalities.

We all dream of having that amazing business; one which makes you happy to go to work, with amazing clients and a brilliant team. A business which gives you flexibility and freedom as well as financial success.

For a lot of people it's only a pipe dream. There's something stopping them from putting the steps in place to become the most successful version of themselves and reflect that in their business.

In this episode we look at the 3 main reasons people hold themselves back and how we can change our mindsets to overcome them.

Are you ready to be successful in your business? 

Episode Transcript

I’m Holly, your host, I’m the founder of 2 successful website and mentoring companies and my aim is to help you build your business, one episode at a time.

Let’s get started

What’s stopping you?

Did you come into January with specific plans for your business this year? Stuff that feels almost hypothetical because it doesn’t matter how much you dream of the results, you just can’t picture yourself taking the actions to get from A to Z?

You know how you’re going to get from A to B and B to C, same as you did last year. And possibly the year before that.

But the steps to get you beyond that? They feel a bit fuzzy. You can’t really picture them.

Well you’re onto something there and that’s because somewhere, in the back of your mind, you know you’re not going to take those steps

Because they’re out of your comfort zone scary. They’re the steps other people take. The big guns in your industry. They’re not for the likes of you.

Ok, I’m going to stop you (or at least your internal dialogue) here.

Those people were once you. The difference between you and them is they took the steps. That’s right. They felt the fear and did it anyway.

If you stick with me, hopefully you’ll be inspired to do it to.

You see, I believe everyone is special. Everyone has a talent or a skill, something they’re good at. And if they’re willing to put that out there, into the world then I want to help them do it.

You’re already half way there, you’ve already taken one of those steps just by tuning in to this podcast.

Ready to learn more? Let me tell you about me and my journey.

I’m Holly. A website designer, & developer, mentor, small business strategist, the founder of This Demanding Life and Simply Sites.

I’m also a mum of 3 and I have 2 crazy, lovely dogs.


When I started This Demanding Life it was a little by accident. it was during the age of the mummy blogger - you know the type - they referred to their kids as terrorists and drank a lot of wine, whilst being paid to advertise everything under the sun on Instagram. These days they’ve stopped sharing posts about their kids and they’re almost exclusively advertising Hello Fresh.

I wanted to do something a little different and start something where it wasn’t so much about the kids, it was about us, people who happened to have children but who also had dreams and aspirations and a big lump of real life thrown in. I started a blog… This Demanding Life.

A year later my life became even more demanding. A divorce, traumatised children, traumatised me and the end of my contract at work. I changed TDL into an online marketing consultancy and waited for the phone to ring (or, at least, for the emails to come in).

It didn’t.

You see, when we have our own business we’re so enthusiastic about it we expect the world to come knocking as soon as we launch, but the reality is, it doesn’t work like that.

My life became about hustling….. jumping into Facebook groups, chatting on Instagram, offering services on LinkedIn and, thankfully, recommendations from friends and family.

I was doing ok but I needed to do better. It wasn’t just about the money, it was that I wasn’t actually building the company I wanted.

We all have different dreams for our small businesses. We don’t visualise the start up period, the expense, the hustle. We build our businesses with the dream of what they’ll become and what our lives will be like because of that. It may be that you want more personal freedom within your work. It could be financial freedom, where there’s not a ceiling as to how much you earn. Or it could be that you have dreams of building a company where the team are treated a damn site better than your team was when you were employed….

For me, it was a bit of all of those things.

I took a lot of steps to get to where I am today, with a team of 5 and 2 brilliant website businesses. Over the course of this show, my guests and I are going to help you to do the same.

To achieve your own goals.

And I promise, there won’t be any hustle as we go along. This podcast is purely support, so you can give the world a little piece of your own magic.

Because it’s magic that makes the world go round (apologies to any scientists listening to this).

Ready? Let’s get started….

I’m a big fan of Brène Brown. I remember when her podcast first dropped back in 2020 and she had an episode called FFTs standing for……  ‘The F word’ first times…

She went on to describe how much she hated doing something for the first time and you know what? If it’s good enough for Brène, it’s good enough for us.

Let’s look at the bottom line…. What’s your FFT? What have you got sitting on your list that bobs around, gets moved down but never actually makes it to the top? It’s not because you don’t have time - after all, you’re finding time for all the other things that make the list. It’s that you’ve got something stopping you. It could be….

Lack of experience

Lack of knowledge

It makes you feel vulnerable

Lack of experience compared to what or who? You’re never going to know absolutely everything - after all, no one does. But do you know enough? Are there other people out there who know less than you, who are confidently putting it out there in the world anyway? Do you realise that there are people out there right now who could benefit from your experience but they can’t find you?

Lack of knowledge usually comes down to your tech setup - this can be tricky because there are so many options attached to every scenario. You also can’t just rely on using the setup your friend is using because it suits them….. however. Getting to where you want to go is easier than you think…. Many experts (including me) offer a free discovery call. Pick their brains, ask their thoughts on setup. Even if you don’t go with the same choices they recommend, they can help you to discern what you need to measure things by. For example when I’m looking for WordPress plugins I recommend that people look for when it was last updated, what the star rating is and how many unresolved issues are in the plugin’s forum page.

Vulnerability - no-one likes this one. After all, it feels like being naked to those around you. But ask yourself this….

What are the consequences of *not* being vulnerable? Would finding yourself in the same place in a years time make you feel that kind of vulnerability you’re trying  to avoid by not taking action?

Are you worried that you’ll put something out there and it will fall flat? That’s a big worry when the social media platforms feel like a popularity contest.

A lot of the time the content you create is going to be brilliant. It will have your knowledge, skill and brilliance and if it’s not resonating with your audience it could mean that the content’s not right for that particular audience. It doesn’t mean that the content sucks, just that your audience aren’t quite there yet. I’ll bet, if you re-release the content that you feel has bombed, in six months time, you’ll get a vastly different reaction. Why? Because if you’re coming along on this journey with me, you’ll have been confidently posting and shouting about your businesses brilliance for six months and your audience will be primed and ready for your posts.

I promise you, we all have posts and comments online that fall flat. We can’t win every time. The trick is to not focus on it - was the messaging on-brand or were you going off the beaten track? Was it useful? Purposeful? Was it tailored to your ideal audience.

Take me for example - I’m a lot of peoples’ ideal customer, I value treating people well (and being treated well myself), I love professional service and I work collaboratively with people. I have kids but I don’t really talk about my kids in my everyday work. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. There can be safeguarding issues around sharing content of children.
  2. I’m spending my business time doing business things, I want to be learning from people and not have my feed interrupted by photos and anecdotes of peoples’ kids. That’s what Facebook’s for.

You could be the best business in the world and a fantastic fit for me but if your posts are all about your kids, then I’m going to choose to work with someone else.

So if you’ve had a piece or couple of pieces of content that have fallen flat, have a look at whether you’re missing the mark with your messaging.

Ok, let’s wrap up because I’m going to be honest and this is enough of an FFT for me - my very first podcast episode, full of vulnerability, but I’m also excited to put it out there in the world.

I’ll be back next week, so do tune in and in the meantime, you can pop over to see me: @this demanding life. Or Simply Sites if that’s more your thing. You can also find me on LinkedIn as hollycchristie (no, I won’t tell you what the ‘C’ stands for!)

Can I ask a quick favour? I’d love to get this brand new podcast in the Apple/podcast charts where other people can find it. If you’ve enjoyed this episode please can you pop over to wherever you listen to your podcasts and leave a quick rating and review. Thank you!

See you next week!

Brilliant first episode!!

The first episode of “Your Business, Your Way” is a refreshing take on the entrepreneurial journey I needed to hear this morning . I felt reassured hearing Holly emphasise a crucial point: you don’t need to know everything to get started. This approach is a game-changer, especially for those new to the business world, breaking down the barriers of perfection and complete readiness that often hold us back.

What I loved about this first episode of the podcast is its blend of practical advice with an undercurrent of motivation. It reassured me that starting with what I know and learning as I go is not just okay, but a smart way to grow. The podcast feels like a supportive friend, nudging you to take those first steps while keeping the mood light and approachable.

For anyone at the crossroads of starting or scaling a business, this podcast could be the push you need. It’s a promising mix of insights, stories, and encouragement. I’m eager for the next episodes and recommend it to anyone looking to embark on a business venture in a way that’s true to them. It’s an exciting start, and I’m genuinely looking forward to where this podcast will take its listeners next.


Just listened to your first podcast episode and it’s absolutely brilliant! Good work Holly!

Mike Cottam

Really Refreshing

Looking forward to the next episode, I’m hooked already. Really easy to listen to and definitely strikes a chord with me. 


It’s a great podcast Holly, you’ve covered some really useful topics and had fantastic guests. It’s like your topics were written with me in mind…

Natalie Trembecki

Feeling inspired

Would definitely recommend this podcast. Aimed at those small business owners, but for someone who has recently started a new role in my company, this definitely motivated me on this cold wet Monday morning to not be afraid of being vulnerable in the workplace and putting myself out there!

Can’t wait for the next episode


Small Business Growth

I’m so excited to have your podcast alongside me as I grow my business. Looking forward to taking action on your steps and learn from someone who knows what they are talking about. Thanks Holly – you’re a star!


Small Business Growth

I love listening to each new episode of Holly’s podcast. It feels like she has read my mind and understands the challenges I find myself up against when running my business. Her advice and insights are fantastic and I’m looking forward to hearing her future episodes. This is a great resource for any small business owner trying to establish a successful business in the online (and/or offline) world.

Fay Wallis