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Screenshot from the Everybody works in sales website
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Everybody Works in Sales is the online home of Niraj Kapur, a LinkedIn expert, sales trainer, professional speaker and one of only 10, LinkedIn top voices.

Niraj contacted us wanting a new website which would showcase his different services, as well as provide an opportunity to sell his 3 brilliant books. He said he liked bold, block-y styling and simplistic, clean design.

First stop.... branding! Amy and I organised a Branding Brainstorm session where we worked with Niraj to create a new logo and brand kit, including new fonts and shiny new colours, whilst incorporating his existing blue, which his brand had been built on.

Next... copywriting. We knew that Hannah Gibson of Gibson Copy was the right person to pull through Niraj's amazing personality and help him to sell his services. A few weeks after introducing them, we had shiny new copy and were good to go.

Photos - Niraj already had some professional images from a couple of shoots. He was also keen to incorporate images he'd taken from the different speaking and training events he'd run. We blended them together to end up with a professional, fun and trustworthy feel for the site.

The results? A website which delivers clean, professional design, with a strong, trustworthy feel.

"Holly did a superb job on my website. I had spoken to a few website designers because I was trying to find the right one. Holly cared more and knew my website better than anyone, that's why I hired her. She was also easy to work with, answered lots of questions I had and the feedback on my website has been amazing from clients and the public. Would highly recommend working with Holly if you want a proper website done that makes you look like a professional in your industry."

Niraj Kapur

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