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Five Things I Learned This Week


Welcome to my ‘Five Things I Learned This Week’ page. This series of weekly blog posts was initially dreamed up after a glass, or 3 of prosecco with my sidekick, Stu Chandler. It was during one of our ‘end of the week, let’s pretend we’re discussing work’ drinks evenings where I was whinging that I missed blogging but wasn’t committed enough to do anything about it. Stu suggested that rather than write about techie stuff or digital marketing (don’t worry, I still do that too), I should write about my crazy life as apparently people find the trials and tribulations of my household amusing. 

So this part of the site is all about my crazy family. I’m in my *ahem* mid 30s and am a single mum to 2 boys (who are 8 & 4), I have a long suffering partner who comes complete with a beautiful daughter so I’m not too outnumbered at home, and a crazy dog, Stitch who, due to a misunderstanding in a pub playground, spent a short time in police custody this year. I live and work from my not-as-tidy-as-I’d-like-it house in south west London. Life is a combination of parenting, work and trying to avoid being signed up to school bake sales.

I publish 5 Things every Friday so grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and enjoy reading about the trials and tribulations of my week. If you’d like my blog posts dropped into your inbox please sign up to my mailing list. I promise not to pass your details onto anyone, even if they offered me huge sums of money for it.

Best wishes,


Me and the long suffering partner after surviving a trip to Ikea.

With the mastermind, Stu Chandler.

Five Things I Learned This Week – Girls can do anything boys can do

Online groups are awesome If you’ve noticed that my Social Media has been quieter than usual recently it’s not because I’m not online, it’s because I have joined a host of new online (mainly Facebook) groups. Other than my magic (to me) online group, which I’ve been a member of for years, [...]

Five Things I Learned This Week – Negativity only outweighs positivity if you let it

Proms in the Park is pretty cool Rock music has always been my thing. Says she who listens to Ed Sheeran and James Blunt. But seriously, rock music is where it’s at. My Bon Jovi tattoo proves that. So when my friend said she had 2 tickets for Proms in the Park [...]

Five Things I Learned This Week – My Partner is who you want in a crisis

Always have a checklist for camping Up until earlier this year I was not what you would call a seasoned camper. I had been a couple of times in childhood with my Dad and once last year with my friend, Kate, who sorted everything, packed the car and even gave me a [...]

Five Things I Learned This Week – Don’t argue before getting on a plane

Don't argue before getting on a plane  This probably sounds obvious because of the whole ‘if the plane goes down and we haven’t made up….’ thing but I’m not talking about that. The reason I very definitely learned not to argue before getting on a plane is because once you’re in seat [...]

Five Things I Learned This Week – Sending my partner to-do lists via Trello is unromantic (apparently)

You can’t be right all the time Last week I posted that there’s a right way to make a scone (yes, I’m old and apparently care about these things now). What I wasn’t expecting was how much engagement the post got with everyone defending their way of making scones. Naturally I super [...]

Five Things I Learned This Week – Facebook Shoutouts are brilliant

There’s a right way to make a scone Over the years I’ve seen the debates on whether you put the jam first or cream first. ‘What a ridiculous thing to debate’ thought pre-last Saturday me. Which takes me onto last Saturday: we decided to make the most of the not-raining weather and [...]

Five Things I Learned This Week – It’s ok to be vulnerable

Bournemouth is great I don’t know that I’ve ever been to Bournemouth. I’m a typical Londoner who, other than traveling for the odd wedding, hasn’t experienced much of her own country. Meeting my partner changed a lot of that. Growing up in Jersey means that the minute the weather is above [...]

Five Things I Learned This Week – Boys clothes have predators, girls clothes have prey

Boys clothes have predators, girls clothes have prey When I found out my first child was going to be a boy, 4 weeks before he was born, I remember being very excited and at the same time thinking ‘there goes the dream of a child wearing dresses and pretty things’. Luckily [...]

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