Parenting a child with allergies


Once upon a time, before having babies, I imagined what life with a baby would be like. I thought it wouldn’t be much different, there would just be this gorgeous bundle of half me and half my partner, who would be in the ultra stylish sling while we carried on with life.  Whilst in this [...]

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Anaphylaxis – what you should know


A couple of months ago I gave my 2 year old some peanut butter on toast. I didn't think anything of it as: We don't have any allergies in the family He had eaten it a couple of times before He had often been around peanuts with no issues. Roughly 10 minutes later I noticed that [...]

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Child in Hospital? Here’s what to pack


I realised that J was suffering from second child syndrome when it was his second hospital admittance and I was enjoying it. Not the fact he was poorly enough to be admitted to the ward, but the uninterrupted time we had together. The first time we rushed in we had to call home to have [...]

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