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After a career working as a Personal Assistant for a well known luxury hotel group, Helen setup as a virtual personal assistant. She came to This Demanding Life for her first website at the beginning of 2019. As Helen's services and client base grew, so did Helen's website. We first rebuilt it in mid 2020. Helen then came to us for a rebrand and new website in 2023.

Helen wanted a friendlier, more personal brand than the one she had been using so we jumped on a Branding Brainstorm call with Amy, who had amazing ideas right from the off. We decided on a text logo which looked like a signature. It was important that it was easy to read and could be used as titles throughout the website. We asked Helen for other inspiration for her new brand colours and styling. As Helen worked from home she chose some favourite colours (including the original pink from her first brand) and a terrazzo effect, which Amy hand drew for backgrounds. Amy also hand drew all the icons in the 'things I can help you with' sections.

As Amy had been working so closely with Helen, she was the best person to create the stunning website.

The result... a clear, concise website with lashings of style and a friendly, yet authoritative feel.

"I have recently started my own business as a Virtual PA and needed a professional website that could be used to share the services that I offer with potential clients. Holly was recommended to me and from the very first skype call I knew that she completely understood my vision for the site. Holly guided me through the whole process and shared her expertise to help me decide on layout, copy and images. I couldn't be happier with the finished site!"

Helen Porter

(testimonial from Helen's first website)

Design & Build

Amy Newlands


Amy Newlands