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After almost 20 years working as an HR Consultant, Katie Murray retrained to become and HR copywriter, bringing life to the work of HR Consultants all over and writing copy for both, their online and printed materials.

Katie Jo Copywriting is Katie's second website. She initially setup as Dolphin HR and when she felt it was time for a new website it came with a new name and a new brand.

Katie's vibrant new branding was created by Amy on a Branding Brainstorm call. Working with a playful, vibrant colour palette was a pleasure and really helped merge the bold, friendly, confident feel of Katie's website copy.

"When I wanted to re-brand my business and launch a new website, there was only one choice for me -Holly. She's great for lots of reasons, but here are my top three:

1) She understood exactly what I wanted from my brand and, with her design specialist Amy, was able to come up with a concept that worked from the start. Sure, we tweaked colours a bit, but there was very little in the actual design that I didn't like, and those small pieces were soon changed in line with my feedback.

2) She's firm, but fair. As a copywriter, I know how hard it is to get things done when a client doesn't hold up their end of the bargain. Holly was really clear on what she needed before she could even start on the site, and she's absolutely right to do so. Having someone who is so clear on their boundaries is essential in this sort of project and Holly was excellent. She gave advice, guidance and support, but when I tried to do some of the things my clients have been known to do to me, she held me to account. Why? So that she can do her job properly, and she did that in spades.

3) Working with Holly was easy. She shared regular videos of progress, explained her thought process on different changes or suggestions, and gave me confidence that things were going as I wanted. Between that and the work Amy did on my branding and social templates, it came together beautifully and I'm so proud to share my new site with all my clients.

In summary, I loved working with Holly. She got me, got the brief, and was supportive both of the process and of my own wobbles along the way.

If you're thinking of getting a new website done, definitely speak to Holly. She will help make at least the website part of your life far less demanding 😉❤️"

Katie Murray

Design & Build

Holly Christie


Amy Newlands