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Signs it’s time for a new website

Signs it's time for a new website Websites can start to date as soon as they’ve gone live. With new trends and tools being developed all the time it [...]

How much does a website cost?

How much does a website cost? When considering a new website the first thing people ask is ‘what does it cost?’ This question comes up regardless of what their [...]

Why I don’t put Social Links in Headers

Why I don't put Social Links in Headers. (and you shouldn't either). Just like fashions, websites tend to be trend-driven. With each year bringing a new twist and [...]

Top website trends for 2023

Website trends of 2023 Everything you need to know to have an amazing website in 2023. Websites change often with some trends sticking around for a while (think [...]

Website myths which aren’t true

If you have a small business or want to sell or represent yourself online you’re going to need a website. But which website? And do you really need [...]

Holly’s Website Jargon Buster

I spend a lot of my day speaking to people about websites. I mean, a lot. I speak to people on Zoom calls, on the phone, in person, [...]

Is your website telling the right story?

People often ask me what makes a great website? Not just a good one, a great one.  Whilst there are lots of moving parts to a website which will all have an [...]