How your life path number determines your success

With Jo Soley from Bizology

Ever felt there’s a greater force than just you at work? Or why some years are more successful than others? Sometimes you’re coming from a place of ease and other times you feel like you’re pushing a rock uphill? Join Jo and me in this fascinating session where Jo teaches how to work out life path numbers and what that means for your success.

SEO doesn’t have to be scary!

With Samantha McCulloch from Virtually Optimized SEO

A website will only show up on Google if it’s been Search Engine Optimised. Historically this has a reputation as being super specialist, expensive, complicated and something you can’t do yourself. In this live Samantha breaks down the basic SEO practises you can do to make a big difference to your website and how it appears in  search engine results.

The wonderous world of websites!

With Business Beautician, Kat Reynolds

Ever wonder what website specialists talk about when they get together? Wonder no more! In this live session Kat and I discuss what makes a brilliant sales page. Why some developers disappear after creating the websites. Website trends and what our preferences are, and so much more.

All things websites – Holly Christie as a guest.

With Emma Holmes – Rebels & Rockstars

Emma asked me to do a live with her to talk through the 7 steps to website success. We talk through why the steps are important. Why they can’t be replaced by other practises and how, if you get it right from the beginning, it makes your experience much easier. However, it’s never too late and if you already have a website, you can implement these steps to make it more successful.

Get started with writing your website copy.

With Oliver Meech from Rapid Progress Copywriting

Oliver is an award winning copywriter with oodles of experience. In this live he tackles how to get started with your website copy. Which pitfalls to avoid, what are great assets to your website copy and what’s the perfect length for your sales page. Oliver has also written the post: How to get unstuck and start writing your website copy. 

Brand like a Boss

With Amy Newlands – Visual Impact Specialist

Amy talks us through how to create a stunning brand. What a brand kit is and why your brand is so much more than just a logo. We discuss our love of colour, what the different colours say about you and your personality and so much more.