Frequently Asked Questions


My most frequently asked questions are: What platform should my website be built on? In *almost* all cases I recommend WordPress - the functionality and flexibility of WordPress themes is unparalleled, your website belongs to you, not the platform you host on and there aren’t any pesky monthly fees. However there are [...]

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Work Life Balance


A Work Life Balance is something I’m not great at, at the best of times. We have 4 children between us including a young baby. My partner works full time during term times, I work full time hours on a flexible schedule and we manage the childcare between us. Alongside the nation [...]

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Self Promotion


I am just going to put it out there and say I am terrible at self promotion. I was raised to be understated and a natural shyness can make it hard for me to really push who I am and what I do. Luckily most of my work comes from repeat business [...]

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As well as setting up websites from scratch I am often asked to take over websites which have been started, have often gone live but the website owner has never really liked or connected with it. They’ve described the process as having been difficult and don’t know what to do with the [...]


Future Goals


As I write this I’m a month away from completing my 3rd year in business. You’ll know from previous posts, the journey I’ve been on to get here. As my business has organically grown it has niched down to purely building websites with the very occasional marketing consultancy. I’ve learned to try [...]

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This or That


The question I’ve been asked the most this year is whether to use WordPress or Shopify for online selling. There’s no simple answer as they’re both great platforms. It also depends on how technically able the person updating the site is. Online selling means updating the website often and most people choose [...]

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How it’s Made


Websites always begin with an initial chat, usually over the phone or Skype, to make sure we’re a good fit for working together. Once this is established we move over to email where I’ll send a summary of what we talked about, a quote and any relevant documents and useful links. Once [...]

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Personal Touch


I pride myself on never creating two websites which are exactly the same. This is because I don’t work with demos or templates, preferring to give sites a completely unique look. You’ll see design elements used in more than one site - but they’ll be used with different media so they have [...]

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At the heart of a great looking website is strong imagery. When I take on new projects the first thing I discuss is photography. If you want a show stopping site you’re going to need a pro to take the photos. It’s not just about the camera they use, or the editing [...]


Tools & Materials


Being a web designer means I don’t need a lot of tools but I do need them to be good quality. I’ve been a Mac lover since 2007 and would be completely lost without my MacBook. I also work off a Desktop but am happiest on the sofa with my MacBook on [...]

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