Here’s my desk. Note how Instagram worthy it is: plant – check, lamp, check, shiny iMac, check. Zen like feel to the space…… etc.

I never work from here. I actually remember the last time I used this desk and it was to build a mock up design of a website back in January 2019. The reality is I spend my days working from the sofa, using the coffee table as my desk. This came about because the real desk was in a corner of the room, under the stairs. Not liking the Harry Potter feel to the arrangement I migrated to the sofa and never left.

I sometimes have clients come to my house to work together on website content or marketing ideas and then we often sit at the dining table. Working from home can be quite an isolating experience and I love having a reason to pop out to somewhere a bit buzzy during the day so don’t be surprised if I suggest meeting at a coffee shop if you want to work with me in person.