Branding is something that can go really right or really wrong. Trust me on this one. I have changed my branding 4 times until I settled on what felt perfect for me and if I hadn’t met Amy Newlands I probably would still feel my brand didn’t reflect me.

I originally started out with orange and white for my brand colours and it was only after a year that my cousin, who also works in marketing told me: orange can signify cheap – Easy Jet and Amazon both use orange. Having felt that I’d never quite gelled with orange it was all the persuasion I needed.

Pink may be very girly and people commented that I may exclude certain markets if I went ahead with it, it felt totally right for me. I approached Amy with one shade of pink and the brief of ‘must have a computer in it and it needs to signify busy yet in control and by the way, I really like your Mini-mes’. It’s like Amy then took the thoughts out of my head and created them digitally for me. I have felt so much more confident in my brand since working with Amy and confidence with my branding translates to confidence in all of my work.

Branding should be the first port of call when it comes to website design. A brand created by a designer can come to life in a website and will give a cohesive feel across websites, emails and Social Media. Nothing makes me happier than working on a website where there is a brand guideline document from the designer.