This Demanding Life started out as a blog which people could relate to. It wasn’t meant to be a ‘look my life is perfect’ feed, more a place where busy people could pop in, read a post and feel they weren’t alone in their overwhelm.

Overwhelm in my own life led me to turn the website into a marketing agency 3 years ago and a close up look reveals a very different business and plan to the one I started out with. These days I focus on website design, building beautiful, responsive sites that their owners love.

It’s not all about work though. After my first year I really missed blogging. I wanted to be able to build great websites but still blog about family life and any other thoughts that came along the way. In 2018 I started ‘Five Things I Learned This Week’, a weekly column talking about what had gone on that week. I loved writing it but after a year and 260 things I’d blogged about I was ready for a break. In 2019 I launched ‘Five Minutes With’, a series of interviews with people I knew who had interesting stories to tell. For 2020 I have created ‘Thursday’s Thoughts’, weekly posts about whatever’s in my head. It helps my audience get to know me and, through their comments I get to know them. I love how real blogging is for me, it shows that even though the websites I create may be flawless, a close up look at what goes on behind the scenes is very much real life.