My current project is a website for Amy Newlands. Amy is the genius behind my branding and I had been wanting to get my hands on her website for a while.

Amy already had a website, she had bought a template and dropped her information into the allotted spaces. Whilst the colours and branding were strong, the website didn’t have quite the right feel to go with her personality.

Although I had been wanting to rework her site, I was nervous as Amy is a designer, just not a website designer. I knew I was going to have to get the website completely on point and exceed her expectations.

We decided, mid-project to change the theme of her site (themes are the software designers use to build sites) to a more powerful one with better tools than the one she had previously. I then built the website from the ground up – I never use demos so every site is completely unique to my client.

The website has grown as we have been working on it. Websites often grow organically during the build with ideas of linking specific content to each other and filling in gaps with new pages; in this case, a portfolio page to showcase Amy’s artwork and branding work. When the website is finished it will have a fully functioning shop where users can download Social Media Templates for their business and Social accounts and buy pre-drawn logos. They can also contact Amy for custom orders.

Working on this site has been so much fun. I love Amy’s style of illustrations and finding the right places to showcase them on the site has been a labour of love. I decided to keep the website backgrounds white so the colours in the artwork would stand out straight away. It also helped to show off the strong colours used in the branding.

The best part of working on this website lies in Amy being a designer. If I have an idea of what will work well on the page, a quick message to Amy is all it takes and she creates the graphics I need.

Finally, to add to the vibrance of the artwork on the site I have added some small touches of animation here and there; trailing stars fade out on scrolls, images lift up when you hover on them and portfolio images can be viewed in larger versions in a lightbox when clicked on.