As I write this I’m a month away from completing my 3rd year in business. You’ll know from previous posts, the journey I’ve been on to get here. As my business has organically grown it has niched down to purely building websites with the very occasional marketing consultancy. I’ve learned to try not to live too hard and fast by end goals as often the market changes and my business and practise needs to change to reflect that.

Future goals for me are more related to the running of This Demanding Life, than the sites I deliver. I already have a team of freelances I work with, incorporating photographers, branding experts, coders and copywriters. I’d like to work with them more often, also to train someone who is looking to break into the web design market for their career. I’m a big advocate of flexible working and would like to bring this into practise when working with others.

Recently I’ve been thinking about creating a membership course for people looking to make website design and development their career. I have experience of creating courses and am looking forward to putting together the content and plans but I feel it’s still going to be a couple of years away so I can give it the proper time and attention it would need.