Having a steady hand whilst working isn’t something I particularly thought about before I became a website designer. Cropping images to get them just right, alongside dragging and dropping content across a site has shown me that having steady hands is one of the most important parts of it.

I am constantly typing – the website building is only part of what I do. Much of my day is emailing clients, preparing marketing materials, graphics and a fair amount of time on WhatsApp (I am only human after all).

At the end of December I badly damaged my thumb (doing something utterly stupid!) and had to have it bandaged for 7 weeks. It’s still super sensitive and at the time it had a massive impact on what I could and couldn’t do. For example I could only wear stretchy, pull-on clothes. I couldn’t make a cup of tea or do any housework (yay!) Being somewhat of a workaholic, I learned to type using 9 fingers, rather than 10. Nine weeks later I still type that way and I’m looking forward to the day I can have all 10 fingers working the keyboard again.