No man is an island and that’s particularly true for me. Whilst it may be just me building the websites and writing blogs there is a whole team of support behind me:

My partner, Julian – he inspires me every day, takes the baby, dog and assortment of our kids, out so I can work. He also picks up the slack so I don’t have to worry about housework/dinner/school runs etc.

His mum, Gill – likes and comments on all my posts, keeping me inspired to keep writing even when my brain is fried. She also sends me lovely WhatsApp messages, lifting my spirits each day.

My friend, Nidal – she brings lunch, takes the baby out to Rhymetime and provides such lovely, thought provoking conversation. She’s a wonderful friend and an inspiration.

My sister, Fay – I often ask her to jump on Zoom and give me her opinion on a website I’m half way through building. She recommends me to everyone and champions me every step of the way. She also laughs (in the right places) at my blogs. In short, she’s priceless.

Stu – tech whiz extrodannaire – if a website breaks, or I can’t get my head around copywriting or design, he’s right there to fix it. All with a calm, laid back manner. He’s the best.

Amy – my business buddy who is worth her weight in vegan chocolate! Without her my branding would be really rubbish, my days would be less fun and I wouldn’t have anyone I could 100% trust to nail it every time when I recommend a branding specialist.

Laura – every girl needs a bestie and when Julian and I got together I told him we come as a pair. Laura and I have proved that over and over. Whilst working in an entirely different industry, she’s always on hand to help me make my paperwork more organised, give good pointers when I’m writing presentations and at the end of a long day, she always has wine. On a particularly rough day she also helps put my kids to bed.

*photo of my long suffering partner, Julian with the baby. He’s helping, not screaming for help!