I feel my readers know most of the day to day things about me; I work from home in south west London, I am from a blended family and have a blended family of my own encompassing 4 children, an utterly neurotic dog and a not often sociable cat. My partner has the patience of a saint and I work as a website designer.

Here’s some stuff you may not know about me:


As a child I didn’t feel I was good at anything other than music. Aged 6 I learned to play the recorder then all the different ones in the recorder family. I moved onto piano, guitar and eventually, saxophone (inspired by liking the sound when Lisa played in The Simpsons). As an adult I no longer play any of them but music is the backdrop to my life. I listen to a relative variety of artists and genres and my favourite thing is attending gigs.


I have 4 tattoos – 2 done on the spur of the moment in my teens and 2 which were well thought out, in my mid-thirties. The 2 from my teens are pretty generic, the 2 from my 30s are much more personal.


Languages are something I am utterly rubbish at. Which is a shame as I’d so love to be bilingual. I used to have dreams that I was fluent in other languages but no matter how hard I try, my brain can’t seem to retain that sort of info. I speak a very few words of Greek and Spanish. Not even enough to make a sentence.


I have terrible eyesight. Can’t go to the bathroom in the night without my glasses terrible. I switch between my glasses and contact lenses and never leave home without a back-up pair. I keep meaning to get glasses added to my Mini-me but feel a bit self-conscious. No matter how much I love my glasses now (thanks Specsavers) I will always be haunted by the first pair of glasses I had, chosen by my Mum, which made me look like the geekiest kid in school.

Contact Centre

Just over 8 years ago I was part of the founding group of a Child Contact Centre, where children get to visit with family members they would otherwise be estranged from. 3 years ago I took on the role of jointly running the Centre with my friend and colleague. I deal with new family enquiries on a daily basis and run a team of incredible volunteers. Other than my children, it’s one of the things in my life I’m most proud of.