I never thought I was very creative as I couldn’t draw anything recognisable. Instead I learned to play lots of instruments and kept well away from the arty stuff. The two things (other than Food Tech) I was really good at were English and IT.

After school, following a brief career as a complementary therapist (years later I can still give a good massage and whip up personalised Aromatherapy blends), I worked in Marketing and Communications. This suited me perfectly as I loved to write and it kept me up to date with the latest technology.

When blogging came about it seemed as though it was made for me. A chance to use tech and write to my heart’s content. I started blogging in 2007 and haven’t stopped.

This Demanding Life was originally set up as a blog site – somewhere I could write about family life and share recipes (I love cooking!) Following an entire lifestyle change where I chucked in the day job so I could work for myself and at the same time, went from a family of 4 to a single mum of 2, I turned This Demanding Life into my own marketing consultancy site. That was in early 2017.

A year and a half into working for myself I decided to focus primarily on websites. I love being creative with sites, merging illustrations, graphics and supporting people in writing fantastic copy. This meant I could focus on learning everything there ever was to know about building bigger and better sites and I would have time to keep up to date with the latest trends. I still do some marketing consultancy for clients but my favourite thing is to get my hands on their website and build them something they love. All my websites are built from the ground up, I don’t use demos or templates so every website is completely personal to the person it’s built for.

These days life looks very different, I have a (very tolerant) partner, 3 children, a step-daughter, a neurotic dog and crazy cat. I often write about them on Thursdays in my ‘Thursday’s Thoughts’ blog. One day they may thank me for my humorous musings of family life we’ll have to wait and see!

Most mornings I wake up and pinch myself; I love my job, supporting small businesses get started and established whilst recognising that everybody’s busy, life is very demanding for everybody. That’s what This Demanding Life is all about.