Websites don’t really call for packaging. The design of the site speaks for itself and being the eco-friendly sort I try to run a paperless office and everything is done via email.

What I do aim for is consistency. John Espirian refers to this as ‘Content DNA’. This is being seen to be consistent across all forms of marketing – online, paper and email. I achieve this by using the same hex (colour) codes as those on my website – you’ll find these in all my admin documents, the Mini-Me and Logo designed by Amy Newlands get added and I use the same fonts across all of my work. This helps reassure people I know what I’m doing. After all, if I can be consistent with my own website and branding, then I’m going to be consistent with theirs.

So not really packaging related per se, but important. As for my favourite packaging – easy – anything that contains chocolate! Preferably this is in a smart bag (later to be added to my ‘save for a special gift’ pile) and tied with a nice ribbon.