I pride myself on never creating two websites which are exactly the same. This is because I don’t work with demos or templates, preferring to give sites a completely unique look. You’ll see design elements used in more than one site – but they’ll be used with different media so they have an individual feel on each website.

My personal touch is that I’m not your average website designer. I have a strong background in Marketing and Communications and when I start a website I ensure I really know my clients and their industries. This can involve researching your competitors, understanding your USP and designing your site and its functionality so you can position yourself competitively in the market.

I also totally get that everyone is busy with their own lives and businesses and the last thing you want is to either hand over website content and then hear nothing from your designer. Neither do you want to be bugged with calls and questions several times a day. When working together I make sure I have all I need to build the site then check in with you weekly to let you know of progress and timescales. I am regularly available to chat over email to answer any questions or offer advice on general marketing and where the website I’m building fits in with a larger marketing plan.