At the heart of a great looking website is strong imagery. When I take on new projects the first thing I discuss is photography. If you want a show stopping site you’re going to need a pro to take the photos. It’s not just about the camera they use, or the editing afterwards, it’s knowing what perspectives to shoot in, how much space to leave around a frame and how to work with light.

Websites often take two or three times the amount of images people think they’ll need. This can be for a myriad of reasons. If you only have one image per page your audience is going to get bored quickly and click away from your site. Images need to have a cohesive feel across the site. You can establish this by using similar props, wearing themed colours and using the same photographer if shooting on more than one day.

The majority of images will need to be cropped to suit the style of the page and it’s worth letting your photographer know this so they leave enough space around the image. For the sake of your branding it’s a good idea to shoot in different frames and ratios so your photos can be used in Social Media and print marketing.

As for my own photography…… I do not like being in front of a camera. I can be hyper critical of photos of me and that’s why I chose to use Mini-Mes – cartoon drawings of me for my website. I still followed the same rules as above: the images are drawn on a larger canvas, with space around them so they can be cropped to fit their containers, there are also a number of different poses drawn with props and a cohesive colour theme (I’m always wearing my favourite blue top and the props in the images use my brand colours).

Having a photo on my website is important though – for one thing, when I meet clients at coffee shops they wouldn’t know how to recognise me! Therefore I have a couple of images of me on the site and plan to, one day, have them updated using a professional photographer.