As well as setting up websites from scratch I am often asked to take over websites which have been started, have often gone live but the website owner has never really liked or connected with it. They’ve described the process as having been difficult and don’t know what to do with the site they’ve been left with.

This is often down to a lack of planning. When setting up for a new website or rebuilding an existing one there are a lot of factors to plan:

  • What imagery will be used in the site? Who is going to source this?
  • Will the client be using a photographer? Do they know any? Have they researched what style of photography they’d like to be used?
  • What tone of voice do they want to use? Formal? Friendly? Do they want to stand out with bold statements? Have they considered using a copywriter?
  • What do they want users to do when on the site? Is it to buy something? Book a call? Contact them?
  • How would they like to be contacted?

Once these questions have been answered (I can help with all of this) we can start to plan the build of the site.

The planning stage can feel arduous, especially as it’s at the beginning of the project but it will give the project structure, helps me stick to deadlines and means the finished site is one the client loves as they’ve been clearly involved in the creation of it.