There are many things I’m proud of, all the websites I work on have their own stories and challenges and just when I think I know everything, I learn something new.

What I’m most proud of (other than my family) is my work at Child Contact Centre. 8 years ago I was part of a founding group of our Child Contact Centre. The team started the Centre, using the guidelines to get accreditation from NACCC (the National Association of Child Contact Centres) and without any previous experience, we went ahead and set up. 3 years ago the main administrator retired and my colleague and I took over the running of the Centre.

During this time we’ve dealt with hundreds of enquires and helped tens of families have safe contact and build good relations. Every aspect of running the Centre has been a learning curve and it is only now we feel we have the process and the day to day running of the Centre nailed.

Working at the Centre means experiencing just about every emotion – elation when people go onto make their own arrangements for contact, the Centre having served its purpose and the other end of the scale when we see what some children have gone through to reach this point.

I use all the skills I’ve amassed over the years; administrative, marketing, website design and maintenance and most of all, the counselling skills from the qualification I gained in 2007.

Running the Centre is not always easy and as it’s a voluntary role, can be time consuming alongside running a business and a family but the difference it makes to peoples’ lives makes it totally worth it.