I remember when recycling first became a thing. I was 10 years old, Blue Peter was on tv and they were explaining about crushing and recycling cans. At school we were learning about deforestation, particularly of the rain forest. At the time my teacher said it was so McDonalds could put cows on the land for burgers. I now know deforestation happens for a lot more reasons than that!

I’ve been an avid recycler since then. Luckily I live in a borough that makes it easy to recycle. As a household we work hard to reduce waste and use environmentally friendly products. This has also spilled into my business. I spent 15 years working in offices where I was horrified by the amount of paper printed on, only to end up in landfill. I became more and more involved in technology, learning how to build databases, edit websites and setting up Social Media channels all in a bid to reduce our carbon footprint.

This Demanding Life is totally paperless. The business is run via email and phone and draft website designs are sketched out using software. I never managed to convince my previous employers to make the office paperless but now that I’m the boss, reducing waste is a very welcome conversation!