With 4 kids, a partner, 2 co-parents, a dog, cat, fish tank, my own business and a Child Contact Centre to run it’s safe to say self-care is way down the list. However, I’m a big advocate of having good mental health and building in time for self-care, even if it’s in stolen moments of time.

Luckily my partner recognises when I’m having one of my, what I like to call ‘highly strung’ days. He bravely calls them ‘unhinged’ but potato/potato, it all means the same thing. In these moments he gathers up whoever is lolling around our household and whisks them away so I can have some time on my own.

My favourite forms of self care are reading. I read everything as long as it’s fiction. Non-fiction tends to send me to sleep. The Kindle App on my phone is my most used app, after WhatsApp and I take any moments I can to get stuck into a book. Baths are the best, not only the relaxing, steamy water – preferably with a bubble bar from Lush, but the fact that no-one else is in the bathroom at that time. I gave up alcohol for a year in August 2018 and even though I do have the odd glass of wine now, I’m just as happy with a cup of tea (and my Kindle).

If I’m feeling frazzled and need to change my mood quickly, a walk on the riverside lands and a blast of Bon Jovi always does that trick. The other day I was doing the washing up, happily singing away when my 6 year old came into the kitchen begging me to stop. He was sent away with a flea in his ear and the understanding that Mummy needs Bon Jovi in order to be nice to everyone!